Samsung and Manzil Designs Showcase Luxury Living at Home Design Expo

Manzil Designs

Samsung Electronics partnered with Manzil Designs to showcase the use of consumer electronics in the luxury home setting. The showcase took place at the second edition of the Luxury Living and Design Expo which runs from 7th July to 10th July 2022 at the Village Market. The Manzil designs and Samsung stand were named the best design stand at the event.

Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics, Sam Odhiambo,      had the following to say about the showcase, “At Samsung, our range of consumer electronics caters to Kenyans of all walks of life. For the luxury customer, we have     products such as the Bespoke refrigerator, and the Frame TV among many others.” He further added, “Bespoke means personalisation and ideally this fridge allows individuals to customise how it integrates into their home without distorting the overall design of their kitchen. By having our products at the Luxury Living and design          Expo, we are showing customers what options they have when it comes to fitting electronics into the overall aesthetics of their homes.

Luxury Living and Design Expo 2022 is a 360-degree design expo for the connoisseurs of fine living and the general public featuring state-of-the-art spaces, innovative products, concept stores and showrooms. A celebration of creativity, a platform for design professionals to network and meet with buyers. This year’s theme: “Designing for Africa” is geared towards celebrating the best in property development, sustainability design, gardens and outdoors, and home and office technology made for African spaces. A commercial network for the general public to experience design.

In June 2022 Samsung globally unveiled the latest edition of the Bespoke home. This year’s range revolves around three key themes related to the expansion of space, experience and time. Samsung has surpassed the boundaries of the kitchen to show how life experiences are being expanded through convenience and flexibility[2]. As mentioned the Bespoke Refrigerator will be showcased at the second edition of Luxury living and design expo 2022 with Manzil Designs in one of their set-up dubbed “The Ladies Lounge”. This set-up showcases how the fridge blends into the overall kitchen design theme, allowing ladies to explore more colour options for their kitchens.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people do business introducing a shift from the traditional full-time office setting with flexible working now becoming the norm for many working-class Kenyans. This means that more people are spending more time at home and as a result, they are paying more attention to the design of their homes.


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