Huawei Mobile Kenya launches the new HUAWEI nova Y70

Huawei Nova Y70

Huawei Mobile Kenya has launched the new HUAWEI nova Y70, the latest addition to its recognisable nova Y Series product line, which aims to bring new technology to young users. 

HUAWEI nova Y70 will be retailing in all retails stores across the country including Huawei Experience Stores at Ksh. 24,999 from June 24th, and the Pre-order will start on June 17th soon, with a Bluetooth Headphone as pre-order offer.

Speaking of the latest phone in the market, Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Head, Jim Zhijue said, “HUAWEI nova Y70 has inherited the nova Y Series’ excellent DNA to bring a series of impressive features, including a 6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display, a large 6000mAh battery, 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge solution, 128GB large storage and the powerful EMUI 12 operating system, while continuing to bring consumers a more innovative, smoother, and smarter user experience.” 

“Thanks to the optimised power consumption capabilities of apps, HUAWEI nova Y70 can identify and turn off the power consumption of non-user reserved applications and non-core applications, while turning on Low Battery mode when the battery is at 5% to standby up to 12 hours before shutting down. In addition, HUAWEI nova Y70 can provide an output of 5V/1A to support wired reverse charging for devices such as HUAWEI smartwatches, bands and smartphones wherever you are.” He concluded 

6000mAh long-lasting battery for a worry-free experience

HUAWEI nova Y70 inherits the long-lasting battery life of the HUAWEI Y series. It is equipped with a 6000mAh (typical value) large battery, providing a long-lasting battery life that eases the worry of running out of battery and brings a more reliable user experience. Thanks to Huawei’s unique AI smart power saving technology, Huawei nova Y70 has profoundly optimised the eight power consumption areas. To further enhance its battery life, HUAWEI nova Y70 supports 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge that offers users a shorter charging time for an ultra-long battery life. It is also equipped with an integrated 13-layer charge protection system and an upgraded electrochemical system to improve charging safety, as well as the battery life cycle. It only requires charging twice a week, which is better than other smartphones with the same battery capacity.

6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display for an immersive visual experience

HUAWEI nova Y70 features a 6.75-inch HUAWEI FullView Display to bring users a broader view with an immersive visual experience. Thanks to the high screen ratio of 90.26% and narrow notch design, the screen displays more content at a wider view, be it images, videos, or gaming. 

To reduce the burden on users’ eyes, HUAWEI nova Y70 supports various reading modes, including smart dimming, luminous screen, and e-book mode. Whether under broad daylight or dim light in the evening, users can still enjoy a comfortable viewing experience and explore the fun of reading freely. Addressing users’ screen time at night, HUAWEI nova Y70 reduces screen brightness and lowers colour temperature, this helps to reduce eye irritation and ease eye strain, which further protect the users’ eyes.  

In terms of colours and design, HUAWEI nova Y70 has once again inherited the nova Y Series’ characteristic excellence in artistry. Apart from its clean and exquisite curved design, the new phone comes in three colourways: Pearl White, Crystal Blue, and Midnight Black, to better match with young people’s sense of fashion, allowing easy mix-and-match.

Lead a smart digital life with large storage and new audio experience

In the new smartphone era, Huawei is dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances and continued to bring consumers a smart digital life experience. HUAWEI nova Y70 comes with a large phone storage of 4GB and up to 512GB storage capacity when using MicroSD cards. The large storage frees users from worrying about space, while guaranteeing stable performance in switching or running multiple apps, bringing users a long-lasting, smooth experience.

HUAWEI nova Y70 is also equipped with EROFTS super file compression technology to minimise storage when downloading the user’s favourite songs, videos, and games. 

The HUAWEI nova Y series has allowed users to enjoy listening to music played at a high volume. Its new-generation, HUAWEI nova Y70, is equipped with the newly upgraded HUAWEI SuperSound for re-adjusting the sound quality, delivering a deeper bass, a clearer midrange, with a greatly improved dynamic range and sense of space. 

HUAWEI nova Y70 supports a virtual 9.1-channel sky surround sound effect, which brings 3D effects to sound, thus creating an extraordinary sky channel effect. Whether users are listening to songs or watching movies, they can enjoy an immersive sound journey with impressive sound effects.

Be your own protagonist in life: selfie beauty front camera along with high-res rear camera

Selfies are a way of communication for the younger generation. HUAWEI nova Y70 boosts an 8MP front camera, which can capture selfies with crisp detail. The front camera supports bokeh effect and together with Huawei’s self-developed AI Beauty algorithm, can create a bespoke beauty effect based on the user’s characteristic like age and gender. Meanwhile, HUAWEI nova Y70 also features the HDR backlight imaging technology that can retain more detail in portraits and landscapes without worrying about light interference to capture both with clear details.

For rear camera, HUAWEI nova Y70 is equipped with an AI Triple Camera, including a 48MP (f/1.8 aperture) High-res Main Camera, a 120° 5MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. The high-res Main Camera with the optimised Huawei algorithms can reduce noise and increase the dynamic range, ensuring every shot is of optimal quality no matter whether you’re shooting portraits or scenery. The 120° Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera helps to easily fit more content in one shot to capture every memory, whether you are shooting landscapes or group photos.

The discrete Depth Camera works in tandem with the newly developed bokeh algorithm can accurately locate the subject’s distance and depth. 3D imaging is achieved to bring out the protagonist of the shoot whether you are shooting scenery or portraits.

An efficient, convenient, and safe interactive smart living experience with EMUI 12

To enable cross-device control and collaboration, EMUI 12 offers a simple and intuitive connection method, allowing users to simply drag and drop. In HUAWEI nova Y70’s Super Device interface, the smartphone icon is located in the centre, surrounded by icons representing other devices (such as HUAWEI smartphones, speakers and Visions). To connect two devices together, users simply drag the icons corresponding to the devices they want to connect towards the smartphone. Moreover, HUAWEI MeeTime supports multi-calls with up to 12 parties of HD and high frame rate video calls on HUAWEI nova Y70 with EMUI 12 equipped. Users can transfer MeeTime calls on a phone to a HUAWEI Vision to enjoy a video call experience on a larger screen.

Furthermore, HUAWEI nova Y70 supports Easy Mode. When Easy Mode is activated, it will make the interface more concise with large icons, fonts, and volume display, allowing users to see the content more clearly, which is simpler and more efficient to use. Moreover, the knuckle gestures supported on HUAWEI nova Y70 let users take screenshots more easily, being both user-friendly and handy.

HUAWEI AppGallery is Huawei’s official app market, providing users with search, download, management and sharing of mobile application services. It continuously provides applications with global influence and provides users with rich local applications to meet the diverse needs of users. Meanwhile, thanks to Huawei’s unique HMS Core capability, applications are capable of all-scenario and cross-device collaboration, providing consumers with a more convenient and innovative application experience.

HUAWEI AppGallery also provides quadruple security measures, including security vulnerability scanning, privacy leak detection, malicious behaviour detection, and manual real-name re-check. It also provides an application grading mechanism to protect the safety of minors when using the Internet.

As a new product that targets the younger generation, the newly launched HUAWEI nova Y70 has a comprehensive upgrade in user experience. From the practical features of a large screen, long battery life and big storage, to the technology elements of imaging capabilities, smart interaction, and exquisite appearance, not only does HUAWEI nova Y70 bring users an experience that combines technology with fashion, but also a simple yet convenient, efficient, safe and reliable all-scenario interactive experience.

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