Enterprises can now rely on Cinabox to deal with their computing challenges


Today’s businesses operate in a fast-changing environment. Enterprises are under constant pressure to deliver new products, services, and offerings faster than ever before. Time-to-market has become the primary performance indicator for business success. Thus, enterprises must continuously seek new ways to accelerate innovation and shorten time-to-market. An important part of accelerating innovation is ensuring that your company can come up with new products quickly and easily while also maintaining efficiency and avoiding duplication of effort across individual projects. Additionally, as technology continues to advance at an accelerated pace, it’s important that your company invests in tools that are future proof so you don’t have to upgrade again in just a few short years. These are some of the challenges faced by today’s enterprises and that’s why Atlancis in partnership with Redhat have developed Cinabox, a full containerisation enabler that works as an all-in-one solution combining compute, memory, storage and containerized apps orchestration and deployment.

As explained by Redhat in their blog article about containerisation, “Containerization is the packaging together of software code with all it’s necessary components like libraries, frameworks, and other dependencies so that they are isolated in their own “container.” In other words, containerization is the process of isolating software applications in individual containers to improve operational efficiency, security, and scalability. Container technology allows users to package up an application with all its dependencies so that it can be easily deployed in any environment. It reduces the amount of time and resources needed for deployment, testing, and maintaining applications by creating a self-contained unit that has everything it needs to run. Applications running in containers are more secure because they have restricted access to other systems on the network

With Cinabox, an enterprise customer is assured of getting state of the art services that Atlantis offers by deploying the Redhat applications on site. This is because the Atlantis Cinabox is perched on an Open Compute Project (OCP) Inspired infrastructure platform and addresses all pre-production & production compute, networking and storage needs. The Cinabox solutions come in three builds: two builds for pre-production and development and a base configuration for production container workloads. All configs feature different quantities of Worker & Management Nodes, perched on a 25GbE/100GbE Network fabric.The Base Configuration Level Build will allow for expansion based on future needs. Scalability and performance are both considered in coming up with the solution.

Use Cases

Depending on the preferred deployment option, the Container in a box solution can be used to run virtually any data centre workload.

Workload can be:
– Agile Software development practice to enhance Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) DevOps culture
– Pre-production environment for testing and migration from legacy bare metal and virtual machine applications.
– Production environments to run enterprise workloads such as;
– Business applications deployed in microservices architecture.
– Private or hybrid cloud environments
– Mission critical & clustered applications
– High capacity and high-performance storage requirements
– Business continuity workloads: Backup environment & Disaster recovery

Atlantis ensures that the cinabox solution deployed for you is tailored to your needs, designed for scalability, based on Open standards, can run anywhere – private, hybrid or public cloud, and has 24/7/365 support plus live Support. The support system includes quarterly preventive and curative maintenance, firmware upgrades and routine system patching, support review meetings with your account team and advisory and consultancy from Atlancis & Red Hat experts.

Atlantis can be contacted through their contact details.

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