Syinix U51 series – The TV that promises to brighten your viewing experience

Syninix U51

The last decade has seen some significant revolutions in television technology. Flat-screen TVs have not only become more prominent and brighter, but the initial TFT, Plasma and LED technologies have almost become extinct, as these technologies get replaced with OLED, QLED and what others have referred to as quantum dot technology. 3D viewing and curved displays have also attempted to change viewers’ experience but these didn’t become that widespread. Another change that has occurred particularly in the last 5 years is the rise of affordable brands in the market, brands that have made it possible for ordinary citizens to afford 4K displays without breaking a bank. One of these affordable brands is the Syinix brand that is now offering Syinix U51 Series.

Syinix was founded in 2015 as an electronics and appliances company that delivers top of the end products to Africa. According to the company’s website, Syinix is focused on providing suitable home appliances at the best prices. Some of the products Syinix has in store for its customers across Africa are the modern high-tech flat-screen TV sets in the Syinix U51 series. These TVs are the Syninix 50U51, Syinix 55U51, and Syninix 58U51. These TV sets are virtually identical except for their screen sizes, where Syinix 55U51 is a 50 inches TV, Syninix U55 is a 55 inches TV, and Syninix 58U51 is a 58 inches TV.

The Syinix U51 TV series promise to provide an immersive visual and sound experience to the viewers given that they technically are all big-screen TVs (big screen TVs start from 40 inches), are UHD 4K in resolution fitted with WCG HDR PQ technology, and come with Android 11 out of the box which can be voice-controlled using Google Assistant.

In addition to the spectacular hardware specs mentioned above, the Syninix U51 series comes with a built-in satellite decoder, where no one has to buy a separate set-top box in order to enjoy satellite TV. Remember, as we explained in this article at the launch of digital TV transmission in Kenya, there are two types of digital TVs – the terrestrial digital transmission that we have all become accustomed to in the form of signet and pang, and satellite digital transmission that the likes of DStv, StarTimes, and Zuku provide. These satellite digital transmissions also come with free to air TV channels that can be watched when one has both a satellite dish and a satellite digital decoder. It is this digital decoder that the Syninix U51 series provide within the TV, the same way we have had TVs (digital TVs) come with inbuilt terrestrial digital decoders.

The other add-on that’s very valuable is the built-in free power stabilizer. Many people have had their TVs burn up simply because they did not care to install a power regulator on the power sockets from where the TV draws power from. This might be because they never realise how a lot of TVs are sensitive to power functions, where when power voltage goes up beyond normal rate but not so high as to trip the circuit breaker, the TV gets burnt up. To prevent this, Syinix U51 series TVs come with inbuilt power stabilizers that promise to keep the TV from damage due to voltage instability. The other standard components of TV such as Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, AV and RF chips and ports are also available.

Syinix U51 series offers appealing aesthetics given that the TVs are designed with a metal body, with a frame so thin it is considered frameless. The pictures displayed on the TV are also of crisp quality thanks to the super-resolution technology that turns the image from grainy to high-resolution. This technology utilizes AI on top of the standard SR for picture display (AI + SR). This combination, AI + SR, is called Supervision by Syinix, a technique that utilizes machine learning algorithms to train thousands of TV images to allow the TV to display images that are more suitable for local aesthetics. To add to the pleasing design, the TV comes with Google Assistant to allow you to perform voice control on the TV – so that you do not need to always remember where you put your remote. The physical remote control is still provided.

As already mentioned earlier, the Syinix U51 series TVs are available in three sizes: 50 inches, 55 inches, and 58 inches and here a few key points to remember:

The use of Syinix AI technology: This is more pronounced on the Super Vision feature. The Syinix AI algorithm use the thousands of the TV images and develops portrait technology tom make TV images more suitable for the local aesthetics or environment. To be exact with my words, people want do not want to see images dominated by foreigners. Syinix taken care of the challenge through the use of AI

Super Sound Quality: The 1x12w stereo speaker, is equipped to bring appropriate and better sound quality. It delivers impressive sound with Dolby decoder which optimizes the TV sound quality and in the process make it possible to achieve the theater level effect

Chromecast and Air Play: With the rise of the second screen and even third screen, sometime people want to share small screen like phone screen on the big TV screen. The feature enable the users to quickly cast their content on the big screens including the photos, videos, music. The syinix Tv becomes the second screen of your phone, tablets or even laptop

Google Play: Get all the top apps and games right on your TV


Go out there and get the new baby in town, get your Syinix TV, you will enjoy it


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