What people searched on Google in 2021

Google released its annual “Year in Search” list last week to give a glimpse into the top trending searches on the platform globally. This year searches for “how to heal” reached an all-time high. Across the world, people were looking for ways to come back stronger from the effects of the COVID-19 that rocked the world so bad in 2020, and though it’s not been fully defeated, efforts that have been put by health authorities and governments have been huge. Search showed us how people prepared to leave quarantine fashion behind as well as what celebrities, movies, TV shows, and moments would fascinate them.

“We reflected on difficult times that continued to test our resolve. We thought about those we lost, asking “how to honor someone.” We looked inward, searching for “how to take care of your mental health” and asking the big questions, like “how to be yourself” and “what is my purpose?” We looked outward, too – thinking about how we could help rebuild and strengthen our communities. We searched for how to make sustainable choices, how to help Afghan refugees, how to stop Asian hate, and how to support people in need across the world,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Global Trends for Google Search in 2021.

Globally, Google searches were dominated by sports-centric queries, with a pair of cricket matches nabbing the top two spots and the India Premier League (IPL) team coming in third place. People continued to search for ways to stay connected and entertained at home thus South Korean Squid Game took the top spot in this year’s searches for TV shows to watch. Google says that people were also trying to navigate a return to life outside the house, wondering about how to ditch the sweatpants. The top trending search for “how to style…” was “how to style straight leg jeans”).

Speaking about the news, the Taliban and Afghanistan were two subjects that were furiously trending and most talked about on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. When searching for the latest news, Google users were most interested in Afghanistan. Click this to see what was trending in 2021

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