How to top your class 9 maths exams with these tips

The fundamentals of a student are what make him better at learning in higher classes and keep him a step ahead of the competition. Class 9 plays a major role in building the fundamentals of a student for higher studies and for scoring better in important board exams. One should not make the mistake of ignoring this important phase of life.

Class 10 is an important phase in a student’s life.  It provides their career and higher studies opportunities.

The class 10th success is not entirely based on the performance of the student in 10th but it is a contribution of class 9 also.

Class 9 and Class 10 are like heads and tails of the same coin, however, Class 9 can be a turning point in a student’s life. 

The concept that you study in class will be continued till the end of high school or even graduation.

 One who wants to sit in Class 10 board exams, they have first to pass Class 9 for sure.

 A student who is thorough with the class 9 subjects will find it easier to score good marks in the class 10 board exams.

 Those who have ignored class 9 have gone on to regret it later in life. Meanwhile, concepts taken in class 9 are covered in the questions asked for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

So, there is a need for concept building from Class 9 itself. Mathematics and Science are one such subject that requires much more practice compared to other theory-based subjects. One of the best resources to master the subjects is the CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9. The papers help students to get practice for the exams as well as cover the concepts of important topics of the subjects.

Resources To Ace Class 9:

Since we have established the importance of class 9, it is now time to see how best to not waste this opportunity with the help of some class 9 study materials and resources.

Significance of Class 9 Syllabus: 

  • It is a phase of education that offers information about the concepts to be covered in the next 2 years and lays the groundwork for the class 10 board exams. 
  • The syllabus imparts knowledge about the class 10 expectations and the assignments to be completed in these two important years of school life.
  • It covers the important concepts of a topic to be taught in the subject and helps the student to have a proper understanding of the subject. This helps the students to get more marks in the exams.
  • CBSE Class 9 NCERT Solutions: Prepared by subject matter experienced professors, after thorough research it helps the students to cover the concepts and the complex equations faster and more efficiently. This helps the students a long way in achieving the goal.

Getting accustomed to CBSE Exam Pattern:

  •  A student keen to ace the class 10 exams and further studies in life realizes the importance of the CBSE Class 9 exam pattern. 
  • Apart from the blueprints, the previous year’s papers and the sample papers also relay an overview of the exam pattern. It gives an opportunity to analyze the question types asked, thus helping students to do better in the exams. 
  • Students can start preparing for the class 10 exams from class 9 only. Some schools even try to complete a part of class 10th board in class 9 only for better results for the students. This, along with proper time management, help students to gain confidence. 
  • Also, students need to realize the importance of various subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Languages and master them properly. Subjects that are tough to crack like Mathematics, Science with complex formulae also require thorough practice. 
  • The CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 and 10 is very handy. It helps students to get the pattern of the exams. The papers help students to get practice as well as it helps the students understand the concepts of important topics of the class 9 subjects.



  • One of the best reference books that students may use for mathematics in any class is RS AGARWAL.
  • It has all the detailed notes and a wide variety of question banks, which the student will find helpful to facilitate them in their studies for mathematics.
  • You can find the solutions of this book anywhere on the internet but you should never look at the solution till you have given yourself a fair time duration and chance to solve the questions. 
  • Remember that solving these questions yourself will give you a lot of confidence and the concepts that you apply will be in your mind for life.
  • The solutions for this book are also quite readily available. For example, if you are looking for solutions for chapter 4, simply search for RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions Chapter 4, and you’ll find them right in front of you! 
Class 9

Tips to score better in Mathematics:

– Give yourself enough time to learn important concepts

– Find unique ways to remember formulas of different chapters

– Make your calculation speed faster by solving some aptitude questions

– Always try to solve a question by 2-3 different methods

– Do the hard problems first.

– Think of new ways to solve a question

– Practice as many questions as you can

– Note the patterns in solving similar questions that will help you if you get stuck during exams.


  • Students can also try to solve some higher-level mathematics problems in their free time that will help them open their minds to different possibilities and also increase their calculation capability. 
  • They should also think about participating in competitive exams like Olympiads and NTSE to help them gain some extra knowledge and lay their foundations in becoming a subject expert. 
  • Preparing for such competitive exams gives you an extra edge and also helps you apply the concepts you have learned and hence strengthening the base of your mathematics that will never let you down in the future.
  • Last but not the least, for mathematics one can improve greatly by being creative and finding new ways to solve a problem and for being able to do this, you need to give yourself time and have patience. 

Solve harder problems and solve as many as you can to call yourself a true young mathematician.

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