The top three problems content consumers continue to grapple with

content consumer

You consume movies. Or sports. Or music. Or podcasts. Assume you consume movies. It is easy to see that there is at least something that no movie distribution channel doesn’t meet. Let’s say you consume your movies from DStv.

Bundled content

First, DStv is unable to provide you with the latest movies. To consume anything that’s remotely latest, you are required to part with whatever amount they require you to part with for their premium packaging. Usually, though, this premium packaging will be bundled with a lot of other nonsensical channels you have no need of. Channels such as sports channels. But then again those movies are at least three months old, usually 6 months old – nothing fresh out of the box office. And that’s why you make up your mind and subscribe to Netflix.

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Netflix appears to be working great for you. Latest movies that you can at times be the first one to watch immediately they are uploaded. But then you realise there are movies on Netflix you can’t watch because you are not in Europe, or America, or Asia. You say, ‘okay, I’ll just use a VPV service”… some other service you have to pay for on top of your usual Internet and Netflix bills.

That’s not all. Sometimes, actually most times, you get to hear of this great movie that is driving fans crazy. You rush to your Netflix, search for the movie, but it’s nowhere to be found. That’s not because the movie is meant for some American or European citizen, but it’s because the movie is by Amazon Prime, or Disney, or HBO Max. What should you do? Should you subscribe to all of these channels?


One thing about humans is that you cannot bundle them into one box and be satisfied. In as much as there are those who do not want to subscribe to sports channels hence find bundled DStv offerings unnecessary, there are those who prefer to watch a little bit of everything. Still, these people have preferential content they rather consume all the time, but every now and then they’d want to get entertained by some other type of content. They don’t want to pay for the content they normally do not watch, but it would be heaven for them if they could get to watch them at the time of need. For these people, Netflix or HBO Max or Amazon Prime or Disney are not sufficient, for most of these channels concentrate only on movies and relegate other types of content to obviation.


The problems mentioned above can be solved. Someone only needs to operate a platform that offers all the content available from across the globe (something like a super content provider) but allows you to pay for only that content you want to watch at that particular time you want to watch it. That is, if you are mostly a sports consumer, you will be able to watch any or all of your favourite sporting activities via this channel, but every now and then when you want to venture into something diverse, like a podcast, for example, you can still pay for that and get your favourite podcast delivered to your still from the same platform.


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