SBI PO Preparation Strategy: Some do’s and dont’s

Millions of people enroll for SBI PO bank exams in the hopes of landing steady and ideal employment. To be successful in anything, you must have all of the necessary information as well as an understanding of what to do and what not to do.

You will be given the throne if you follow the proper processes and follow the dos and don’ts. This post contains numerous useful paragraphs as well as dos and don’ts for the Bank PO exam. Continue reading if you want to know everything and make your future shine. The answers to the interview questions are also provided so that you can learn more effectively.

This exam is extremely tough and difficult to pass. Candidates must have a high degree of preparation in all areas. If you are looking for the exam’s syllabus, it covers topics like quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, English language, computer aptitude, and general awareness. To earn better grades, you must prepare all of these ahead of time.

This exam is extremely important for hopefuls because it determines their prospects and job security. The test necessitates extensive preparation over several months. It is not something to be taken lightly. If you want to make your preparation plan far more efficient and effective visit this website, read on to learn and understand the dos and don’ts for the famous test.

SBI PO Exam Pattern

Value of Each Question1 mark
Stages of SBI PO ExamPrelims, Mains, and Interview
Sectional Time LimitPrelims: 20 minutes for each section Mains: 60+45+35+40+30 minutes
Penalty For the Wrong Answer-0.25
Number of SectionsPrelims- 3 Mains- 4
Number of QuestionsPrelims- 100 questions Mains- 156 questions
Mode of SBI PO 2021Prelims- CBT (Objective type) Mains- CBT (Objective type and descriptive type) *CBT -Computer Based Test
Medium of PaperEnglish and Hindi
Duration of ExamPrelims- 1 hour Mains- 3 hours 30 minutes

Do’s for SBI PO Examination

  • During the preparation phase, aspirants for the examination should conduct mock examinations to stay up with the pace while also observing or assessing their degree of preparation. Many people begin taking mock examinations after they have mastered the subjects, but you should use mock tests to evaluate your skills and preparedness.
  • Objective orientation is critical because achieving your goal gives you the motivation to study harder and earn good grades. It is critical to have a specific objective to achieve since it provides you with internal strength.
  • Candidates who are preparing for bank exams should begin studying sooner. Students should study during the day so that they can benefit from the fresh air and a more energized mind. After a good night’s sleep, it is a highly concentrated period of awakening.
  • For the verbal component, all candidates for the honourable examination must read consistently. The verbal component is the most significant because it determines your overall score. It is essential that you are fully prepared for it.

Don’ts for SBI PO Examination

  • It is recommended to all candidates that they do not panic throughout the exam. When you are panicked or frightened, you forget everything you know. Answer the paper’s questions calmly. Take it easy on the test and do not overthink or fret about it. You should concentrate on the questions that you are familiar with.
  • Last-minute cramming will not help you because you will not be able to learn peacefully at the end of the day. If you try to cram more concepts into the existing ones, it will backfire. You should be aware that a perplexed mind will not maximize its potential. So, leave the things you have not covered and focus on revising the ones that are your strong suits.
  • For papers with a negative marking scheme, guesswork does not work. You should not guess the answers and give them on this test because it will lower your score. Avoid guesswork by answering only the ones in which you are completely confident. 0.25 points are deducted for each incorrect question. So, consider your response before responding to the inquiry.
  • You should avoid memorizing the answers to each question. It is pointless to memorize the solutions because this paper is reliant on your reasoning and analytical abilities. To improve your score, you should practice each area thoroughly.


For all applicants, bank PO preparation is important. Aspirants should concentrate on general awareness and daily current affairs in addition to static GK. You must be goal-oriented, organized, focused, and most importantly, passionate if you are studying for this exam. Maintain solid time management skills and conduct self-evaluations in between periods of preparation.

You should create a detailed study strategy for the preparation and stick to it in order to attain your objectives. To stay on schedule, revisions and breaks are required. Make sure you leave enough time for final adjustments. Dive in and learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Give one more don’t to consider for the SBI PO examination?
  2. You should remember not to waste time on a question you do not understand; instead, go on to the next one. Dwelling on a single question will eat up your time and irritate you. If you believe you are unable to answer a question during the examination, do not consider it a prestige issue and do not linger on it. Rather than wasting time, take a few moments to think about the next question. You will be able to get better grades as a result of this.
  • Give some tips on how to prepare for SBI PO Interview?
  • Although an interview session does not have a set duration, it normally lasts between 15-20 minutes. The candidate may be asked 15 questions throughout this period. Prepare yourself for it.
  • The interview questions may or may not be connected to your professional profile. It could be based on your schooling, work background, hobbies, notable accomplishments, and temperament, among other things.
  • Questions like banking awareness, culture, and current events may be discussed in the panels.
  • Give one more ‘do’ to consider for the SBI PO examination?
  • Positivity is the key to all of life’s good things. You will not be able to attain milestones if you are not optimistic. You must be self-assured and strive in the proper way. You are more likely to attain all of your goals if you strive in the proper direction with the right mix of challenging work and wisdom. You must not succumb to pessimism. Do not be concerned if you discover after completing mock examinations that you are not receiving flawless marks. Take a big breath and go over the matter once more. “God helps those who help themselves,” as the saying goes. You must maintain your concentration on your goals. You will never be able to lose your attention. To accomplish greater heights, you will constantly have your head held high.
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