I will now join Safaricom Home Fibre if they will be doing this

After three years of doubting and suffering under private internet resellers in Ongata Rongai, I think I am now ready to join Safaricom Home Fibre. Good idea? I have always tried to avoid it for few petty reasons, actually, one was the main issue, and that is, it was not available in my region at that time, it will later come to Rongai but another reason to avoid it popped in my mind, and that is, what if I will have a slow or no internet, and such outages? Will I be able to deal with the issue of calling customer care and having to wait in line or tweeting @Safaricom_Care all day and nothing happens? Will I be compensated for the time the outage lasted? No? I am not joining.

Well, this week, I have seen screenshots from Safaricom Home Fibre customers that have really encouraged me to join. @ItsMutai shared one on Twitter saying; “And you wonder why @Safaricom_Care keeps growing. My home Fibre connection has been down since 4 pm, Safaricom has decided to send me 5GB to keep me connected while they sort out the matter.” That was two months ago and I ignored but after randomly meeting such happy users sharing screenshots of the 5GB data that they have been awarded by Safaricom as a result of the downtimes, I think that will be a very convincing reason to join because it can’t get better than that.  

[Safaricom awards 5GB bundles to Home Fibre user whose internet was experiencing downtime.]

Safaricom has not however officially confirmed this pledge and I see users on Twitter arguing over whether it is really true or not. One user @LashDeck replied to @ItsMutai saying, “They send you 5GB for fear of talking bad about their fibre in media. Kama ni mimi hawangenipa 5gb coz mtu wa kupata 0 like and 0 Retweet they don’t care,” and another one tweeted; “Only to the rich and influential people but to those with no voice mnafinywa! Tunafinywa!” These, among many others, could just be tweets of people who have not really tried the service because they would have complained they experienced the downtime and were not awarded the data to keep them while the issue is being resolved, that could make sense.

Safaricom Home Fibre is now providing fast internet to thousands of users in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Thika, Bungoma, Kitale, Nyeri and Nanyuki among other towns. In Nairobi, the service is available in Nyayo Estate, Imara Daima, South B, Langata Estate, Ongata Rongai, Kiambu Road, Ruaka, Runda, Parklands, Westlands, Kileleshwa, Mountain View, Kinoo and Kikuyu among other estates.

What you just need to do in order to join is to dial *400# and select Get Safaricom Home Fibre and follow the steps. Safaricom will call you within 24 hours and if the service is available in your area, you should be connected immediately they get in touch with you.  You will fill an application form, submit copies of your ID or valid passport, and give payment confirmation. They will then issue you with a Customer Account No and as part of the installation process, they will provide you with a free Wi-Fi router that will enable you to access the Wi-Fi network within your home, set the network up and configure your username and password which you require to access the service.

The service/installation fees are charged at KES 3000 which you can choose one plan that you would like to be paying for from among the four plans, ie, Bronze at KES 3000, Silver at KES 4100, Gold at KES 6300 and Diamond at KES 12500. If you relocate from where you were living at the time of connection, you will not pay any money for reconnection, provided you take the router with you. If you leave the router behind, then you will be asked to pay KES 6500 for a new one.

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