Vodafone renews its relationship with Workplace to build bridges in a hybrid world


While many businesses struggled to find ways to keep their people connected during one of the most disruptive times in recent history, Vodafone already had a secret weapon that helped it thrive in times of extreme uncertainty. 

Thanks to the company’s 2019 adoption of Workplace, Vodafone maintained a sense of connection and engagement among its global workforce. Not only that, it experienced growth in employee-led initiatives, campaigns and communities, as people rallied together. 

Making it easy to connect people

Nurturing what was built during that unprecedented time now remains top of mind for 2021 and beyond, according to Vodafone CTO Johan Wibergh. “More than 90,000 of our employees worldwide use Workplace to keep in touch. With many of them currently working remotely, Workplace has become an invaluable central resource for us to connect with one another, stage live events, share information and collaborate on projects to help our customers. Above all, it is intuitive and accessible so our people can feel part of an inclusive community.” 

The last 18 months have certainly seen Vodafone make the most out of engagement and community-building features like Workplace Live and Groups. As a result, its global base of employees has been able to hold two-way conversations with leadership while also helping leaders be more transparent when communicating across the entire organization. 

Building bridges

This sense of community and connection has had an enormously positive impact on employees staying connected during the pandemic, according to Vodafone’s Social Media and Channels Lead, Patrick Yui.

Thanks to Workplace, a significant number of employees have come to feel closer to one another now more than ever before – despite the physical distance that has kept them apart. For Vodafone, Workplace has been a game-changer during a time when people haven’t been able to meet physically.

“We embarked on a series of activities under a banner called ‘Stay Connected with Nick’,” says Yiu of the company’s efforts to keep its people connected. “We have regular sessions and conversations about all areas of the business with our CEO, in conversation with other Vodafone employees and executives.”

These interactive sessions also enable employees to comment and ask questions through Workplace. That level of direct access for any global employee is something that Vodafone didn’t capitalize on before. 

Inspiring a common purpose  

Vodafone also made full use of the Workplace to help support employees’ mental health. In addition, to live events timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week, Workplace was also used to drive participation in pulse surveys that gauged employee sentiment. 

The platform helped Vodafone in asking people how they feel about working from home or if they had enough support on mental health and general wellbeing. Survey results were then converted into easy-to-consume graphics and posted on Workplace to give people an authentic feel for what their colleagues were saying and experiencing. 

Putting the spotlight on Vodafone’s work with charities and good causes went a long way in boosting morale for the entire organization during the pandemic, too. 

Connecting essential services like hospitals and schools is what Vodafone does every day. Vodafone used Workplace to inspire a sense of pride among employees by shedding light on minority voices from the Black Professional Network and LGBTQ+ communities and highlighting its work supporting communities through issues such as domestic violence or relief and assistance for countries experiencing natural disasters.

Adopting a ‘uture-ready approach  

Eighteen months into the pandemic, Vodafone is now looking at a “future-ready” approach to how, where and when people work. And Workplace is set to play an essential role in that strategy – whatever shape it may take. In particular, they plan to continue Live video to broadcast events that can engage employees in a mix of physical and virtual environments. By doing so, people can stay connected wherever they’re working.

Vodafone also wants to use the power of video to create a series of virtual office tours. By recording a series of walkthroughs at various offices and posting them in specific Workplace Groups, employees can experience what it will be like to be back in the work environment after an extended break. What’s changed at the reception? What are the new security measures? And people can ask questions and share more details in the comments for everyone to see. 

Whatever the future holds, Vodafone’s goal remains the same – cultivating a thriving workforce that’s informed, engaged and connected across the globe. And we’re excited to watch how Workplace can help make that happen.

Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace said: “Vodafone is a company that lives and breathes its future ready concept. By connecting its employees across the world with Workplace, Vodafone has maintained community during the pandemic while preparing for a new world of work. We are excited to continue powering Vodafone’s community through this renewal.”


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