4 Items to Give to New Staff Members

Starting a new job can be daunting, and new employees are likely to feel anxious on their first day. Put new staff members at ease by providing them with an onboarding kit that will welcome them into your team. Give these four items to new employees to make them feel prepared, relaxed, and valued from day one.

1. Practical documents

There is practical information that your new employee will want to know on their first day. You must provide new starters with the information they will need to settle into the workplace and complete their work activities. Here are some practical onboarding documents that you should provide to all new employees on their first day:

  • Office policies and guidelines, e.g., dress code, performance expectations, and so on
  • A map of the office highlighting key areas such as toilets and the staff kitchen
  • Contact details for the HR department and mentor (if you have assigned one)
  • Office opening and closing times and allocated lunch breaks
  • Log in information for computers, laptops, and other equipment
  • Information on office parking

2. Branded welcome gift

Giving new employees a gift that is personalized with your company’s brand can be a great way to make them feel welcomed and part of the team. Encouraging your staff to use branded merchandise can also be a fantastic way to promote your products and build brand awareness. Remember that the key goal of promotional products is to choose something that is both attractive and practical.

There is a huge variety of branded merchandise to choose from. This includes everything from mugs and travel flasks to keychains and stationary. Wearable merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and custom backpacks are also a great option as they will give your brand a lot of exposure, especially if they are worn regularly.

3. Tools and equipment

Most job roles require essential tools and equipment. Make sure you provide new employees with everything they will need to do their work tasks productively from their first day. Some key office equipment may include a computer or laptop, an ergonomic office chair, stationery, computer software, i.e., Microsoft Office, and onboard training videos and documents.

4. Reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottles are great onboarding gifts as they are both eco-friendly and practical. A recent survey found that an impressive 70% of people want to work for a green company. Handing out reusable water bottles in the workplace will show your support for sustainability and help you win over eco-conscious employees.

Reusable water bottles come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and attractive designs. You can also have water bottles customized with your company name or logo to promote your brand outside of the workplace. Promotional reusable water bottles will also boost the green credentials of your company and enhance your brand image.


Every company should create an onboarding kit that will help employees settle into their new workplace. The above items will help new team members feel welcomed, relaxed, and confident in their roles, and valued in the workplace. It could also give you a better chance at retaining the top talent your business wants.

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