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Tecno Spark 7p
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  • Posted: May 25, 2021 at 2:21 pm

Tecno Spark 7p is the latest budget smartphone from TECNO, a fast rising tech giant that has taken over the low and mid range smartphone market. Released to retail at around shs 15,000, Tecno Spark 7p is meant for those who are mindful of picture quality, smooth gaming and video viewing experience, and increased battery life. Let’s have a look at those key features one by one.

Improved Image Quality on Tecno Spark 7p

Just like any other typical smartphone, Tecno Spark 7p has both the back and front facing camera setups; where the back setup boasts of 16MP AI Triple Camera that has two main improvements – better pictures in darker places (improved night mode), and focus on the smile. According to TECNO, the tecno spark 7p is capable of “making your smile stand out”. The camera setup also powered by AI that helps in providing high quality bokeh for individual or group portraits. Tecno actually claims that the AI should help any Spark 7p owner to become a professional shooter – but that’s something that’s yet to be established as true on any smartphone.

The front camera is an 8MP sensor that’s focused on beauty photography, clarity, and brighter selfies. The front selfie camera is empowered by a Dual-LED flash and still capable of recording up to 1080p videos.

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Smooth gaming and video viewing experience

Viewing the photos and videos captured by the Tecno Spark 7p sensors is via the IPS LCD display, and what’s important about this display is the 90Hz refresh rate; a refresh that implies that when you’ll be watching videos on this screen, more information will be reaching your eyes in the same amount of time, leading to smoother-looking motion. Before smartphones started to revamp the refresh rates to 90 or even higher figures, the standard refresh rate was 60Hz, but that’s so 2012.

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The higher refresh rate doesn’t just help with video viewing, but also with gaming too. Gamers do not want to feel that the game is tearing. Tearing occurs when the frame rate of a video (or a game) does not match the screens refresh rate. Usually most frame rates are at the rate of 24/25, 29/30 or 50/60 frames per second. When the refresh rate is low, you are likely going to meet a situation where the refresh rate is not in sync with the frame rate, hence the likelihood of experiencing a jugged (teared) motion pictures. A higher refresh rate on the other hand ensures that the screen is refreshed a significantly higher amount of times per second, so that any unsynchronised frames are neutralised.

Longer Battery Life

When you come across a feature like 90Hz refresh rate on a phone, the immediate question you ought to ask yourself is the impact such a high refresh rate would have on your battery; especially if you intend to use the device for constant gaming or video viewing. To minimise the impact of refresh rate on battery, most manufacturers have made it such that only when the high refresh rate is required do they kick into action; otherwise the refresh rate is set at 60Hz by default.

For Tecno Spark 7p, the impact on battery has been dealt with by foremost using a slightly low res on the screen (this has been done mainly as a cost lowering option given that the device retails for a paltry shs 15K), and also for making the phone large enough to accommodate a 5000mAh battery. By comparison, standard smartphones with 60Hz refresh rate and of screen sizes less than 6 inches typically feature a battery capacity of 3500mAh, and such devices are capable of providing at least 24 hours of battery life under normal use. The 5000mAh battery on Tecno Spark 7p should therefore be able to provide you with a minimum of 48 hours under normal use cases, but not less than 24 hours under intensive gaming or video viewing.

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Other Features

It’s not just the better picture quality, smooth video viewing and gaming experience, and longer battery life that’s cool with Tecno Spark 7p. Memory where the Spark 7p comes with 4GB RAM out of the box, and either 64GB or 128GB storage provides the phone with enough memory capacity to execute the much needed high refresh rate and also run heavy applications – multiple of them. This is further made seamless by the Mediatek Helio G70 12nm processor that runs at 2×2.0 GHz for the duo- core Cortex-A75 and 1.7 GHz for the Cortex-A55 that comes in six cores – to make the entire processor an octa core chip. Android 11 and HIOS 7.5 that power the device also make it possible for the smartphone to operate under the latest efficiency and security levels.

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