LG InstaView – Why open the door when you can just peep inside?

LG InstaView

There are several ways your fridge loses energy, some of which include poor arrangement of food items in the fridge, poor balancing of food types, not providing the fridge with enough air space, and not packing enough food items in the fridge. The first and the last points means that the fridge ought not to be so full, neither should it be so empty.

But then there is the most common way of a fridge loses energy – always opening the door. Usually, the fridge works to cool down the air inside the fridge, then hopes that when this cold air circulates, the air will cool down the food items that need cooling. When the fridge door is opened, this air escapes to the kitchen via the physical process known as diffusion.

And we all know how often we open the door to the fridge, and these door openings are usually not for picking any food stuffs or drinks from the fridge, but simply to check whether something magically appeared in the fridge that we would really want to consume. Other times we just open the door so that we confirm the items that need restocking.

To minimise energy losses resulting from frequent opening of the doors, a number of fridge manufacturers opted for the French Door Design. This design makes it possible for someone to open only one side of the door that should mathematically allow for only half of the air to diffuse to the environment. We both know that physically such a 1:1 ratio is not feasible. Even with French Door Design, a lot of the cold air will still be lost to the kitchen.

This is why LG decided to add onto the InstaView the door-in-door design, and the mechanism with which the door-in-door design minimises energy loss was discussed in this article. LG also recognised that majority of the times one opens the fridge door is when they just when to check whether particular items are in the fridge just of the purposes of checking and nothing more, so instead of opening the door, LG decided to introduce a knock knock technology that allows one to peep into the fridge. This knock knock technology is what they call the Instaveiw.

InstaView is the ability to turn the exterior right door of LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator from opague to transparent, and the transparency will allow you to see everything that’s in the fridge without having to open the fridge’s door. The way InstaView works, that is by knocking twice at the door (knock knock) has been demonstrated in the video below.

And with that, you get to save a lot more energy.

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