Huawe MatePad – A device designed for easy reading

Huawei Matepad cares for your eye health with ingenious eye protection features

These days, tech products have become essential for most people in every aspect of their day-to-day life. Not only can they boost efficiency during work and study, tech products also improve our lives in many ways. However, when people spend long periods of time in front of a screen, it may lead to eye strain, fatigue and even headaches. Thankfully, there are products designed with specialist components designed to minimise the harm associated with screen use, and HUAWEI MatePad is one of them.

Under the growing trend of remote learning and online education, HUAWEI MatePad has proven to be a great companion as it delivers an immersive viewing experience with a wide range of features that make learning efficient. But more importantly, it cares about users’ eye health, which is something increasingly important to many consumers.

So, how does HUAWEI MatePad offer eye protection for users? From a hardware perspective, the chipset on HUAWEI MatePad is integrated with a built-in colour adjustment module. It adjusts the colours for various content under different eye protection settings. Simply put, the HUAWEI MatePad includes a discrete eye protection component , which is not commonly seen in competitors. Besides this, with the help of its ambient light sensor, HUAWEI MatePad can learn about the environment in which the user is based, so as to deliver various eye protection solutions accordingly. In terms of software, HUAWEI MatePad adopts different algorithms that can give commands to the built-in colour adjustment module based on the data collected by the ambient light sensor, ultimately achieving the right eye protection results for all kinds of locations and lighting conditions.

When your eyes feel tired after you have been reading articles or browsing webpages for some time, on HUAWEI MatePad, you can simply go to the Settings and toggle on the Eye Comfort mode. Under this mode, you will find reading on-screen much more comfortable as it uses the built-in module to adjust RGB output and reduce the blue light emitted from the screen. By reducing harmful blue light at the source, HUAWEI MatePad alleviates eye fatigue and protects your eyesight. This is especially useful for university students who use a tablet to take notes during classes and do assignments in the library. To give users peace of mind, the Eye Comfort mode on HUAWEI MatePad has achieved the stringent TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification for its ability to reduce harmful blue light and prevent eye fatigue, making it an ideal mate for learning as it protects users’ eyes and wellbeing.

But this isn’t just helpful for teenagers and adults, the HUAWEI MatePad cares for younger users, too. In Kids Corner, a dedicated zone for kids, there are multiple eye protection features that are designed to help young learners form healthy habits during tablet use. Kids are always curious and sometimes they can’t help leaning in closer to the tablet screen, eager to dive in and immerse themselves during their learning experience. In this case, the Distance Alerts feature will pop out a reminder automatically and block the screen until the child holds the device further away. This means that, even if there are no adults around, Distance Alerts will act like the third parent and take care of your child. Meanwhile, the Blue Light Filter can eliminate excess blue light to protect children’s eyes, while Posture Alerts can detect the child’s posture and remind them to use it safely, in order to protect their vision. In a driving car or walking in the street, many children like to use tablets to kill time, which poses obvious health risks as they might bump into others or damage their eyesight. Bumpy Road Alerts can detect abnormal motion and remind the user to stop using the tablet when necessary. Throughout general use, there’s also a Brightness Alerts feature in Kids Corner that can adjust the display brightness according to the ambient light, and then remind the child through engaging animations to use the device in a brighter place–a really lovely and considerate feature!

To offer the ultimate reading experience, especially for those who are fond of reading on paper, the HUAWEI MatePad also supports eBook mode, which can be easily switched on/off in the swipe-down control panel. Unlike the Eye Comfort mode, eBook mode adjusts the contrast, brightness, clarity, colour saturation and other parameters to display content in a paper-like effect. Once enabled, the content on the screen will be naturally adjusted, ensuring eye protection while providing a great reading experience all at the same time. Whether in a café or in a classroom, HUAWEI MatePad allows you to read any content as if it were a paperback.

HUAWEI MatePad doesn’t just care for your eye health, it does it in a smart way. Leveraging the ambient light sensor, the automatic brightness adjustment feature can automatically tune the most appropriate display brightness level for you so the screen will not be too bright or too dim to read from. When a dim lighting environment is detected, Dark mode will be automatically switched on to protect your vision, for example, in a dimly lit bedroom. Dark mode doesn’t just address the colours either, it also adjusts the background, texts and icons based on Huawei’s human-factor research, finally delivering a more comfortable and immersive reading experience. Remember that night when you couldn’t sleep and decided to read an e-book? Now with HUAWEI MatePad, you don’t ever have to worry about your eyes again when reading in low lighting.


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