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  • Posted: March 9, 2021 at 4:47 pm

Last year was an unprecedented year and a reality that few people could have predicted. Luckily, mobile apps helped us manage our lives during this challenging time and HUAWEI AppGallery was a great source of inspiration for app users throughout the year. The efficiency derived from the use of apps – whether it was to help us work remotely, do our banking online, learn online, or shop online – has proven to be great help just when we needed it most. 

Now that we are well into 2021, you have no doubt made plans and drawn up strategies as to how you want to execute your vision for this year, both in your professional and personal life. Here are some app suggestions to help you pave the way for a successful year. 

Microsoft Office 

Productivity tools were a lifesaver during lockdown when people needed to work from home. With many companies looking to practise remote working going forward, having the right set of tools to remain productive wherever you are is ideal. 

The Microsoft Office app is one such work tool, because with it you get the basic Microsoft suite of applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now you can easily write those winning proposals, prepare impressive presentations, as well as balance your business’ financial spreadsheets efficiently with these tools all on one platform.

Set up office anywhere with Microsoft Office in 2021 and be good to go running your business conveniently or simply working remotely.   

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.

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Many people were unfortunately casualties of retrenchment or prolonged unemployment during the pandemic. However, things are starting to pick up again economically and there are now better prospects for employment. So, now is the perfect time to dust off your CV, and start actively applying for the perfect job with the Careers24 app.

This is not merely a job search tool. Careers24 also gives career advice so it’s a resourceful platform to help you navigate your career and job path. With thousands of jobs on this app, get searching and you could possibly land your dream job.

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.


Commuting to work can be draining, particularly with traffic seemingly returning to increased levels.  Whether you are a public transport user who has to go via a complex transport system, or a driver, spending a lot on petrol and being stuck in traffic daily, it can be very cumbersome. 

To make your work year better when it comes to an organised and efficient way of travelling, you can rely on the commuter rail system, Gautrain. It’s a safe, comfortable and reliable train and bus service. Their app will provide you with all the relevant travel information to enable real-time journey planning. You can also make secure fare payments. Getting around between Johannesburg and Pretoria is just faster and more convenient with Gautrain, taking away the stresses of commuting independently.

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.

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If you’ve recently started your own business, or simply work at any corporate, then there’s probably a lot of documentation flying around, and you’ll need to digitise these documents. But buying a printer and scanner can be expensive. Luckily, with the CamScanner app, all you need is your mobile phone to scan, store, sync and collaborate on various documents.

Just snap to scan with your phone camera and get quality documents with enhanced texts and graphics. The app can convert images into pdf as well. 

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.

Standard Bank / Stanbic Bank

Taking charge of one’s finances is important, so you need to use an app that can make the process of banking seamless, like the Standard Bank / Stanbic Bank app, which lets you manage your different accounts centrally from your smartphone or tablet. If you are a Standard Bank customer, then you will definitely want to download this app to make banking easier.

Secure? Check. Simple? Check. Fast? Check. Bank efficiently with this app and enjoy simple, day-to-day online banking.

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.


When purchasing products, payments shouldn’t have to be a hassle for you, or for the merchants. SnapScan makes it easy for customers using the app to pay, and for businesses to accept payments conveniently.

The app is secure, so you can comfortably pay for purchases with your phone in-store or when shopping online, and even pay your monthly bills using a SnapScan QR code.

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Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.

d6 School Communicator

A lot of work will go into this year and if you’re a parent, doubling as a professional, it can get tricky when it comes to balancing the two properly. You may not always have time to keep abreast of some aspects of your child’s life, like what’s happening at school, in detail.  The d6 School Communicator app is a great solution for parents to keep in touch with school.

Designed to simplify school-parent communication, d6 School Communicator provides relevant school information, including news, calendar events, homework, useful resources, gallery and contact lists.

With this app, you can remain engaged with your child’s school and know their school activities.

Click here, from your mobile device, to find out more about this app and to download it.

Use apps to better manage different areas of your life this year, and plan for prosperity with HUAWEI AppGallery assisting you at your fingertips. Find these apps, as well as many more to assist you in your professional and personal lives, by clicking here from your mobile device.

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