5 In-Demand Software Jobs In Kenya To Explore This Year

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  • Posted: February 23, 2021 at 4:46 pm

There are plenty of in-demand, high-paying software jobs in Kenya to explore in 2021. With technology hubs and vast digital ecosystems continuing to open up across Africa, there has never been a better time to seek employment in Kenya’s software field. In fact, nations like Morocco, Kenya, and Nigeria are often referred to as Africa’s largest growing tech markets. If you have an in-depth knowledge of computer science principles, programming languages, and fundamental software concepts, you may want to consider exploring opportunities in this profession. This way, you can enter a fast-paced, exciting work environment, where you will get work with a diverse range of creative people. Read on to learn about the in-demand software jobs in Kenya to explore in 2021.

Network System Specialist 

Firstly, you can consider job opportunities as a Kenyan network system specialist. Essentially network specialists coordinate the operation, deployment, and maintenance of hardware, as well as software products. At the same time, these professionals are often tasked with establishing, upgrading, and securing networks. To succeed as a system specialist, it is key to be well versed in troubleshooting, telecommunications, and network privacy protocols. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable of the most persistent threats in cybersecurity. If you meet these qualifications, you can expect to enter a high-paying field with constant signs of growth. Surely, being a network system specialist is an excellent field to enter in 2021. 

Custom Software Developer 

Next, many professionals sought employment in the custom software development field. Working as a developer, you are largely responsible for designing, creating, and deploying custom software applications. Simultaneously, you will charged with integrating robust, third-party development tools and software components to optimize your product performance. For example, many professionals rely on private artifactory registries to manage development and distribution. At the same time, you can use a Docker registry by JFrog to conduct vulnerability analyses and optimize artifact flow control. This way, you can automate development, improve team collaboration, and get deeper insights into programming issues. Absolutely, custom software programming is an excellent Kenyan industry to explore this year. 

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DevOps Engineer 

In addition, many Kenyan tech entrepreneurs are pursuing opportunities in the DevOps engineering field. DevOps engineers are responsible for configuring programming architecture, examining written code, and improving the user experience. Simultaneously, these professionals are responsible for developing custom software to seamlessly integrate with backend networks and systems. Working as an engineer, you can enter a rapidly growing practice with multiple opportunities. Of course, the DevOps industry provides an excellent domain for tech-savvy professionals to futureproof their career. Indeed, you can always consider a high-paying profession in DevOps engineering.

Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

Of course, you can always find employment as a software quality assurance tester in Kenya. As a QA tester, you will be tasked with evaluating software specifications, executing test scripts, and documenting technical defects. In addition, you will be responsible for running tests on new software applications prior to final release. In order to succeed in this vocation, you will need to be strong in critical, analytical, and logical thinking. Of course, it is fundamental to possess a technical knowledge of software engineering, bug monitoring, and defect ticketing. Certainly, there are plenty of high-paying, in-demand quality assurance software jobs to explore in Kenya. 

Software Development Manager 

If you have past entrepreneurial and supervising experience, you should consider opportunities in software development management. As a manager, you will be commissioned with guiding, coaching, and mentoring a software programming team. This will often involve planning resource allocation, evaluating project quality, and establishing software engineering standards. At the same time, these professionals are often entrusted with strategic planning and supervising project architecture. Working in this profession, you will get to be involved in decision-making, earn more money, and obtain more career advancement opportunities. Naturally, this allows you greater autonomy, flexibility, and control over your own work. Indubitably, software development management is an excellent Kenya tech job market to explore. 
There are plenty of in-demand Kenya software career opportunities to explore in 2021. Firstly, you can consider working as a computer network system specialist. In addition, DevOps engineer is another high-paying vocation to explore. Next, custom software development is one of the largest fields to explore in Kenya’s tech economy. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity in the software engineering quality assurance field. Moreover, consider opportunities in the field of custom software development management. This way, you can obtain motivating pay incentives and access more opportunities for advancement. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the in-demand software jobs in Kenya to explore in 2021.

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