How LG Moved the Refrigeration Technology a step higher with InstaView

I went back in history to understand the story of the food preservation.  It is interesting how humans tried so many ways to preserve their food in order to survive.  It is clear that with time the humans have found ways to virtually preserve any kind of food.  Some of the widely used techniques are spicing, salting, drying, curing, pickling, smoking and above all the use of modern day refrigerator.

The idea behind food preservation is to treat the food so as to safely stop or slow down the spoilage.  It is interesting that before the famous work of Luis Pasteur in the middle of 19th century humans still found better ways to prolong the life of food items even without knowing what causing the food decay or spoilage.

Luis Pasteur developed modern germ theory. Through his experiments in the 1860s, proved that food spoiled because of contamination by invisible bacteria, not because of spontaneous generation. Pasteur stipulated that bacteria caused infection and disease. 

The refrigeration idea came much earlier before the Pasteur time. In 1805 Oliver Evans created a design for a refrigeration machine that would be powered by vapour. Evans never build on his idea and it was later picked up by Jacob Perkins in 1835.  Jacob created a patent or an “apparatus and means for producing ice, and in cooling fluids.” The system for mechanical refrigeration quickly spread across the world and mostly being used for the commercial purposes.  Domestic refrigeration units were installed around 1920s and that completely changed how people preserve their food.

And the following are some of the benefits of Refrigeration

-Perishable goods can be safely imported and exported great distances

-Food prices dropped due to availability

-Preservation of organs for transplant

-Rise of supermarkets that carry a wide array of foods

-Less food waste and spoilage

-Meals are easier to prepare

-Greater prevention of food poisoning

LG InstaView Technology

Meanwhile LG Electronics has taken the refrigeration to another level with their InstaView technology.  InstaView is not only about seeing your groceries in the fridge, it is about seeing Door-in-Door. 

What is door in door from a lay man’s language?  A door-in-door is a hidden compartment behind an exterior panel. It is typically on a French-door refrigerator, that pops open with the press of a button. The design allows you to reach for often-used items without leaving open the entire door and letting warm air rush into the rest of the refrigerator. It is the solution for anyone who likes to loiter in front of an open fridge deciding between, say yogurt and a fruit or even a soda

Knock twice and see inside.

 InstaView Door-in-Door has a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside the easy access compartment without ever opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer.

Less old air loss, upto to 41%

Because LG InstaView allows you to see inside without opening the door, you can reduce cold air loss. Keeping the cold air inside where its needed more.

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