Huawei Y7a is about to land in the Kenyan Market

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Huawei Y7a
  • 9 months ago
  • Posted: January 27, 2021 at 2:46 pm

Huawei Mobile Kenya will soon be launching Huawei Y7a in the market.  Huawei Y7a is the second mid-range device to come with super-fast charging after the Huawei Y9a that was released in 2020. Huawei Y7a is expected to be in the market in early February. 

HUAWEI SuperCharge has always been available in Huawei’s high end models. With HUAWEI SuperCharge, your phone battery can be fully charged in around an hour – something mid-range models have missed out on. 

Speaking of the soon to be launched smartphone in the market, Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Head, Jim Zhujie said “This time around, Huawei brings its HUAWEI SuperCharge tech to mid-range models so that HUAWEI Y7a users won’t miss out on the perks of super-fast charging. The higher demand for a longer battery life calls higher charging efficiencies as well.”

“Alongside super-fast charging, the HUAWEI Y7a also comes with a large battery capacity to accommodate heavy phone use.  With smartphones integrated into most aspects of our lives, from commuting, travelling to business trips – our smartphones almost never leave our fingertips. We always find a way to entertain ourselves with gaming, watching movies, scrolling news feeds and more. That’s why the HUAWEI Y7a’s super-fast charging and large battery capacity is more than necessary to ensure battery life can last long for our convenience and fun.” He concluded 

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