What to look out for in the new LG Platinum Silver InstaView Refrigerator

The 2021 Platinum Silver LG Instaview refrigerator further refined for convenience and hygiene has been hailed for storing fresh produce for longer, its display through the glass door and extra storage space.

The Platinum Silver model is a side-by side swing door refrigerator with a capacity of 26.80 with the refrigerator capacity at 16.90 and freezer at 9.90. At first glance, the platinum silver presents sophistication with its contoured doors with hidden hinges and the LG print proof. Thanks to the smudge resistant material, the surface maintains a tidy silver finish therefore opening and closing the side-by-side doors doesn’t leave a trail of prints.

The water and Ice system provides both the daily Ice Production and Ice storage capacity with adequate capacity for continuous use. The Ice storage capacity has a factory installed Ice maker system that ensures a full-time availability of ice cubes for consumption thanks to its automatic production. The freezer has a side swing door and in it are two drawers and three shelves, with an icemaker and ice bin in the freezer, lit by ceiling LED.

In order to cater for durability of fresh produce, the cooling system incorporates of a multi-air flow linear compressor and four temperature sensors in order to provide a longevity for fresh foods. The refrigerator’s Smart cooling system also enables the refrigerator to react to temperature fluctuations to prevent food spoilage.


By simply knocking twice on the glass, instant illumination provides a view to contents inside the fridge giving a great view without necessarily having to physically touch foods and drinks. Even after opening it, the door-in door cold saver acts like a barrier keeping cold air in where it matters most on the inside.

Installed door alarm and child lock is convenient for families that choose to apply control on refrigerator visits and use. The LoDecibel quiet operation also present provides for a non-irritating interaction with the home appliance.

To provide for ample storage and tidy arrangement in the refrigerator, four shelves constructed with tempered glass are lit with ceiling LED. Two Crisper bins are provided as well. The handles for both the refrigerator and the freezer are all pocket. Consumers have given a thumbs up for the easy to clean system, more space and touching controls therefore keeping away from bacteria and germs.


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