REVIEW: LG Matte Black InstaView Refrigerator Merges Style, Convenience and Hygiene

The LG matte black InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator offers more space, energy saving features and smart organization compartments for both fridge and freezer capacity to fit all your shopping. The Matte Black finish is the newest premium décor in the InstaView Door-In-Door refrigerator, presenting an exquisite design and clean smooth finishes.

Featuring chrome pocket handles, anti-fingerprint finish and a large capacity of up to 668 litres, the side-by-side refrigerator offers convenience and style. The capacity holds at 422 for the refrigerator and 246 for the freezer.

Having incorporated external LED and seven digital sensors, it is easy to see the fridge settings in order to adjust depending on preference. Controls have also been made easier with the LG ThinQ application that assists you to remotely adjust temperature settings so your fridge is ready to accommodate a large grocery spree.

Inside the refrigerator is a water canister that can be removed for easy filling, eradicating the need to have it connected to your water supply. The slim space plus ice system built into the fridge door offers shelf space while still allowing storage on the door.

LG Matte Black InstaView refrigerator has an invertor linear compressor with a 10year parts warranty. It ensures that the fridge has less vibration, moving parts and noise compared to a conventional LG compressor system. You can forget all the hinge noises since the linear compressor is quieter and at the same time more durable. The compressor and the multi-flow system working with other controls assists in regulating temperatures to prevent food spoilage as well as providing maximum results for both the fridge and freezer.

The matte black model has a 10hour storage time during malfunctions and a freezing capacity of 12(kg/24hr). In case of a party or get together with friends, ice cube dispenser automatically works round the clock ensuring a flow in cubes and crushed ice. Shelves made of tempered glass are accompanied by transparent door baskets, vegetable box, drawers and a fresh zone for storage for both the fridge and freezer.

The voice recognition feature takes interaction with the home appliance to a new level from enquiring on contents in the fridge to opening the doors by just voicing a command “open the refrigerator door”. The feature also allows you to check the status of the ice and water dispensers. For better hygiene while enjoying the style and convenience, LG’s UVnano operates once every hour to remove upto 99.99 percent of bacteria on the refrigerator’s dispenser tap. However, you can also activate the UVnano technology with the press of a button.


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