No matter your lifestyle, there is a Huawei smartwatch for you

Huawei smartwatch

There are different types of smartwatches: the High-end ones with a touch of luxury, those that complement your style and fashion, ones used for sports and fitness tracking or simply a smartwatch you can wear everyday regardless of occasion or activity. Huawei’s line-up of wearables has one for every possible scenario. They are known for their gorgeous design, long battery life, solid health monitoring and fitness tracking in addition to handy/personal assistant features, which helps in getting things done and keep you moving on a daily basis. Let us have a glance at the Huawei’s expansive smartwatch line-up and then perhaps you can decide for yourself, which one suits you best. 

Luxury on your wrist

If you are someone, who leans towards premium and high-end products then the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Moon Phase Collection is the right choice for you. Huawei’s latest flagship smartwatch is blend of premium materials and latest technology; it is made of a titanium body and sapphire crystal surface for the 1.39-inch AMOLED display, as well as a fine ceramic backing for durability, comfort and style. With this smartwatch on your wrist, you can easily keep tabs with lunar cycles which help in preparing for your next great outdoor adventures or simply add a touch of luxury to your wrist. You can also enjoy water activities without having to take it off as it is 5ATM water resistance (up to 50 metres deep). In addition to the handy assistant features that enable you to make, take, mute calls, control music playback, add your images as watch faces or even use the premium smartwatch as a selfie stick with a remote camera feature.

Smart and glamorous 

Smartwatches are not only great tech gadgets they are also stylish and complement your outfits. Take the HUAWEI WATCH FIT as an example, this smartwatch combines a dazzling rectangular 1.64-inch, large AMOLED screen with a 70% screen-to-body ratio. The HUAWEI WATCH FIT comes with approximately 130+ different gorgeous watch face styles that can be used in expressing yourself on a daily basis – you can also set the background to one of your favourite photos from your phone. This smartwatch was designed with fashion lovers in mind; it comes in four stylish colours. With a battery that can last for 10 days, you also get enough power to get you through your day.

If you are simply looking for a smartwatch to accompany you on a daily basis for all your activities here is where you have to meet the HUAWEI WATH GT 2. Available in two variants of 46mm and 42mm for all wrist sizes and packed with a long lasting 2-week battery life (46mm variant) in addition to a wide range of health monitoring and fitness tracking features, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 is ideal for those who want a powerful smartwatch that they can depend on for daily use. Keep a sharp eye on your heart rate, sleep and stress and get your groove on with 100 workout modes including running courses and more. On the other hand, the smaller variant, the 42mm comes in a stylish design making it a great choice for all fashionistas out there. It comes with all the same features as the 46mm variant with a battery that can last up to 7 days.

Choosing your smartwatch has never been easier thanks to Huawei.


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