Advantages Of Mobile Sport Betting

The global mobile sports betting market was valued at $68.5 billion by the end of 2019. Industry experts also reckon that the market will continue growing in 2020, and for a good reason. Here are the top seven advantages of placing sports bets on Betway through your smartphone.


Betting while on the go is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of mobile sports betting. Instead of having to carry your laptop wherever you go or betting on a bookmaker’s shop, your mobile phone gives you unlimited access to your favorite online betting site or app within minutes. You can also access thousands of games on one roof and easily place your wager at any time of the day.

Save Your Time

Time is the most valuable thing in a man’s life. As such, you don’t want to waste time going to a bookmaker’s shop or waiting for your PC to start for you to place your wager. For most smartphone owners, your device is always on, unless it’s out of charge.

Placing a wager through a mobile app takes about 1-2 minutes, as most bookies include an intuitive interface for smooth user experience.

Live Betting

Would you like to wager on games as they go on? Yes, you read it right! With a mobile sports betting app from a leading bookie, your betting window doesn’t end when a game starts. With a Betway app download, you can wager on both pre-match events and live games. Even better, you get to see live statistics of the game, helping you make an informed decision while placing your wager.


Are you thinking of selling a bet but can’t access a PC or a desktop? Worry not! With a mobile sports app/site, you can easily opt-out from a bet in a few seconds.  The app helps you to complete any transactions with your online bookie, without wasting any time.

Affordable Mobile Data

While you can always use a WLAN connection to place your wager at home, you won’t always want to bet from your living room. As such, you need to have an alternative internet connection to your laptop for you to wager. Fortunately, you can find affordable mobile data from almost anywhere in the world.


Leading betting companies like Betway regularly offer their customers promotions for their loyalty. However, it’s easy to miss these promotions unless you periodically visit the promotions page. Fortunately, a mobile sports betting app ensures that you never miss out on special offers as it notifies you immediately the bookmaker updates the offers page.

Bottom Line

Mobile sports betting sites and apps have become a crucial part of the gambling world, with over 45% of the global betting revenue coming from these devices. Fortunately, there are hundreds of trustworthy bookies that offer mobile betting in a user-friendly interface. You can wager within minutes from anywhere in the world, but you must be careful when choosing the mobile site to join.

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