NMG has unveiled Nation.Africa, a new digital brand

Nation Media Group has today launched a new digital brand, Nation.Africa which the company says is a process of reengineering itself to accelerate its digital transformation so as to embrace the challenge presented by the rapidly changing consumer habits. NMG says it has been creating new value, generating quality, engaging content for consumers, and undergoing so much development that has culminated in the launch of the new brand, a turning point to become a modern digital content company and a leader in Africa’s new media landscape.

“What we are launching today is not a website, it is our digital brand. Our intention is to bring all our 69 brands and contain them in one branded house. But this does not mean we are abandoning our traditional business that we have been doing in broadcasting and print. We have continued to invest in them,” said Mutuma Mathiu, the Group Editorial Director.

“Digital technology gives us fantastic tools to tell our story. We are moving beyond the glorious days of texts, and venturing into video, augmented reality, audio, fantastic graphics, and merging all these to give our audiences a much better content experience,” he added.

The launch happened at the Nairobi Serena Hotel attended by many dignitaries and government officials including the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i who was the Chief Guest of Honor. Dr. Matiang’i congratulated the corporation, praised Kenya’s progressive constitution, and assured journalists that nothing will make the government go back to the days of gagging the media, not even criticisms.

On his side, NMG Chairman Dr. Wilfred Kiboro recounted the history of the company’s growth and challenges from when it was just a little print media with only one title; Taifa Leo to becoming the largest and most influential multimedia house in East and Central Africa. Dr. Kiboro affirmed that the company will be the place where audiences are guaranteed to get the truth and quality content that adds value to them and their businesses, enabling the group to play its role in empowering and transforming Africa by informing, educating sharing, and engaging their audiences.

“We will try to decolonize the African mind so that Africa can play its rightful role within the international community. It is my hope that Nation.Africa will be a one-stop source where you will go for quality information that helps you to understand the world around you, contribute to your own development, and also mother Africa,” said  Dr. Kiboro.

In previous communications, NMG said the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges that forced the company to activate several cost-saving interventions and accelerate its digital transformation. The move resulted in mass job losses in July this year.

 .Africa is a top-level domain (TLD) sponsored by generic top-level domains (gTLD) for the African and Pan African communities and users and is operated by the Registry Africa. The domain is open to individuals, businesses, and organizations around the world.  It brings an internet community under one umbrella allowing e-commerce, technology, and infrastructure to flourish within and outside the continent.

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