The new Safaricom Postpay with no-expiry is very tempting – I may just hop in

New Safaricom postpay

Hate it or love it Safaricom still offers the best mobile Internet service in the country, although extremely expensive. But the expensive part seems to have reduced from extremely expensive to reasonably expensive given the high quality service the leading telco is known for. Reasonably expensive because today Safaricom unveiled a revamped Safaricom PostPay plans that will offer customers bundled voice, data and SMS with no-expiry. The new plans will be available on a 30-day basis with any unused resources rolling over to the next month.

The new proposition also adds the convenience of customers joining from the comfort of their phones, removing the need to visit Safaricom Shops and fill application forms.

“Last year, when we unveiled the ‘For You’ customer commitment, we also made a conscious decision to put more effort into providing greater value and an enhanced customer experience for all our customers. Today, we are being true to that commitment by making it simple for our customers to join the new PostPay and introducing a transparent way for them to view their usage,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

Customers joining the no-expiry PostPay, which is available on the Safaricom App, webpage or USSD, will have the option of choosing from plans that are within their predefined credit limits or topping up to qualify for higher limits.

Available to all PostPay customers and Prepay customers looking to join PostPay, the revamped plans will be offered at five price points ranging from a KES 1,000 plan with 5GB data, 400 minutes and unlimited SMS, to a KES 10,000 plan that offers unlimited data, voice and SMS. Customers on the new plans will be able to use their voice allocation to make local calls across all networks and international calls to India, the United States, China and Canada.

“We have big surprises for our PostPay customers in the near future where we plan to offer additional destinations for international calling and also unveil a device financing model where customers can get a device as part of their PostPay plan,” added Sylvia.

The introduction of no-expiry Safaricom PostPay plans is part of Safaricom’s “For You” customer commitment unveiled by the company in October 2019.

The no-expiry Safaricom PostPay plans are as below:

PostPay Plans Minutes Data SMS  Amount
PostPay 1k 400 5GB Unlimited*

(Subject to FUP capped at 1000SMS)

PostPay 2k 1000 15GB Unlimited*

(Subject to FUP capped at 2000SMS)

PostPay 3k 1500 25GB Unlimited*

(Subject to FUP capped at 3000SMS)

PostPay 5k 2500 Unlimited*

Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 50GB


(capped at 5000SMS)

PostPay 10k Unlimited*

Capped at 10000 minutes


Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 100GB



(Subject to FUP capped at 10000SMS)

  • The bundles have no expiry
  • The minutes can be used to make international calls to China, India, Canada and the USA. 
  • The plans will be offered on the sign-up journey, they will also be accessible on the Safaricom App, Webpage ( and via *544#

·        The unlimited resources are subject to fair use policy

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