How to win your social media crush

Your social media crush
Single or married, whether in a serious relationship or an open one, right now in your list of Facebook Friends, Twitter or IG Followers, LinkedIn Connection or even WhatsApp Status Update Viewers, there is at least one person you have a serious crush on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as nature does not respect exclusivity. Exclusivity is actually a purely human construct mostly done for religious purposes. Should you decide to let your crush know that you have an interest in her, or him, this is what you should do – but first avoid doing these two stupid things:
1. Do not go to their Timeline and start liking every post and every picture they have ever posted. This will catch their attention but will make you appear desperate.
2. Do not go to their inbox to just send an emoji, or to tell them straight up that you love them. They are likely going to tell you they are not interested, or ignore you altogether, or block you if worse comes to worse. If they don’t block you, you may find yourself insulting them yet the fault is entirely yours.
Instead making those desperate moves, here is what you should do:
1. Go to their Timeline and stalk it properly. Read as many posts as possible. Look at many pictures as possible. From these get to figure out the type of a person that they are.
2. Like one or two of those posts or pictures – but make sure they are posts or pictures that really intrigued your curiosity – those that from your point of view actually deserve to be liked.
3. Find a way of ensuring you see their next update. If it is Facebook, put them on your See First List.
4. Wait. Wait for the next time they shall post an update. If it is a normal update, just ignore. If it is an update that is worth contributing to, contribute something of substance. The first contributions should be towards agreeing with them, not arbitrarily opposing their point of view. But avoid those silly one liners like “Well put” or “Exactly what was on my mind”. Come on, have something interesting to add to the discussion. You can repeat this step a few more times.
5. Then after a few weeks/months, and after they have formed a habit of responding to your comments, possibly also commenting on your updates too, wait for that update that you do not agree with, then instead of disagreeing with him/her in public, take the disagreement in his/her inbox. That will show a sign of respect.
6. After a few more weeks/months of inbox exchanges, and after gauging that they are very comfortable with you, only then can you ask for their number.
The process described above seems hectic requiring a lot of patience, but good things take time. If someone could be that patient with me, why wouldn’t I give them a chance? Likewise they too will give you a chance.
Remember, this post hasn’t suggested that you can only follow the above procedure on just one crush at a time.

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