Rollout for the shs 2 billion National Addressing System to begin this year

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National Addressing System
  • 2 years ago
  • Posted: January 14, 2020 at 2:26 pm

I know you had forgotten about the National Addressing System, a project aimed at giving every road, street, highway, pathway, house, and parcel of land a unique identifier, so that wherever you are, you can always use your address to direct someone to your place. This will be particularly useful for door to door delivery for things like Uber foods, and hopefully help the struggling e-commerce landscape to gain some footing.

Even though you had forgotten about the National Addressing System, the government did not. A statement from Communication Authority has said that they expect the project to start this year, since the government has since gazetted a draft legislation that will operationalize and enable the coordinated implementation of the project countrywide. A pilot phase in select counties to commence soon.

What’s interesting, according to reports by The Star, is that the project which was conceived in 2016 could not start as earlier planned because the Communication Authority could not get the shs 2 billion. Between 2016 and today however, the Government has found useless projects to throw billions to including the useless bus rapid transit system that saw some highways including Thika Super Highway (we should stop calling it super highway) partitioned for the BRT – and as you are all aware, the billions thrown at marking the roads went to waste just like that. We all know of the shs 10 billion that was handed to BBI.

With the gazettement of the draft legislation that seeks to operationalize the implementation of the project, it is only wise to assume that the Communication Authority has already received the much needed shs 2 billion, as the authority had sought for funding from well wishers, including from the World Bank. Their statement had not clarified on whether or not they have the funds.

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The rollout of the project is expected to begin this year until 2025, before every part of Kenya is properly addressed.

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