Facebook Africa unveils it's 2019 infographic, and it is Nigeria this Nigeria that

Facebook Africa

It’s the end of the year and every organization is up and running telling us what happened in 2019 in as far as their organization is concerned. Facebook has not been left behind. What’s interesting for us is probably the Facebook Africa chapter, but as it stands out, Facebook Africa 2019 infographic is all about Nigeria. Reading the infographic I feel a strong urge to forgive George W. Bush for referring to Africa as Nigeria.

Take for example the first page of the infographic where we have, “Launched an 8-week Incubation programme at NG_Hub in partnership with satellite hubs across Nigeria, focused on mentorship and practical training for would-be entrepreneurs”, and ” Unveiled our Election Integrity exhibition in Lagos, ahead of the Nigerian elections “. Senegal gets a mention in page 1 – but well, it is nice to mention someone like Senegal every now and then.

Then in page two, where we have five items done or launched in 2019, two are explicitly in Nigeria, two others cover Nigeria, and only one about Kenya. The Kenyan one reads, ” Opened our new Content Review Centre in Nairobi in partnership with Samasource, employing up to 100 local language content reviewers “.

Page three has four two items, two in Nigeria, and two in South Africa. Not to bore you with page and page analysis, let me show you just how notorious Facebook was with Nigeria. Check out their own infographic below.

I do understand that one of the biggest number of Facebook users from Africa come from Nigeria. I’ve not been able to compute the total number of Facebook users in Africa, but whatever it is, Nigeria alone contribute 20 million to that figure. This is half the number of Facebook users reported in Egypt. South Africa is probably third at 16 million. Although Egypt is probably the leading, there is hardly nothing on the infographic of what Facebook is doing in Egypt, and very little of what it is doing in South Africa.

The question therefore is, what is Nigeria doing right to deserve such love from Facebook? Are they placing more ads than the rest?

Anyway, it is what it is.

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