Get your Huawei Y9s from any retail stores across the country

Huawei Y9s

The budget phone in a premium body is now available across the country. That means for shs 32,000 you can walk into a mobile retail store and ask the attendant to hand you your Huawei Y9s, and he/she should be able to comply.

For specs and other goodies of Huawei Y9s you may read this article, and this other one, but one that those articles didn’t mention is the beauty of using Huawei Y9s as a gaming phone.

Be it a casual gamer’s simple swipes, or a hardcore gamer’s complex strategy, it is safe to say that mobile gaming has taken the world by a storm. The mobile gaming world is filled with a wide variety of games, from action packed shooters, adrenaline fueled racers to complex games that focus heavily on strategy. However, whatever type of game it is, the HUAWEI Y9s is the ultimate choice for a gamer. Here is why.

Gaming on the HUAWEI Y9s is an immersive experience, thanks to the its unique Huawei Ultra FullView display that takes away all kinds of notches and bezels that treats gamers to 6.59 inches of FHD+ gameplay area. This is made primarily by moving the 16MP AI selfie camera to the top edge of the phone, where it remains hidden until activated upon which it automatically pops up. Having the extra space during gaming not only allows for a more immersive gaming experience but also allows for easier access to various functions. Most game developers have actions mapped on the display, but due to thicker bezels or notches, these can get crammed in or sometimes even hard to access. It is also a given that having such an interruption free display makes it even more entertaining to watch or stream video content created by other popular gamers or even the latest game trailers.

The HUAWEI Y9s also packs powerful hardware that help to overall boost your gaming experience. At its heart, the HUAWEI Y9s packs the Kirin 710F that is capable powerful performance and power efficiency, supported by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. However, it is the GPU Turbo 3.0 that really enhances your gaming experience. It enhances gaming quality by providing more frames per second and better image quality for a more immersive gaming session. This makes games look better and play smoother, making sure you don’t miss out on a premium gaming experience. The GPU Turbo 3.0 also supports the 4000mAh battery by managing power consumption efficiently, which means you can enjoy long sessions of uninterrupted gaming.

Be it action, adventure, racing or even casual games, the HUAWEI Y9s can tank it all with ease thanks to its powerful hardware. Paired with its stunning display that enhances the gaming experience, the HUAWEI Y9 is easily the smart choice for the modern smartphone game


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