5 things to consider when planning to launch a software for your company

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A company that has been profitable in the past can still change their business trajectory through releasing an extremely useful software. The world is going towards automation in as many ways as possible so automation being a part of the product produced can lead companies/consumers to pay premium rates for a software. The software industry is saturated with companies that think that they next release of a software is going to be a goldmine. This is going to take a combination of demand, quality of software, marketing, and image of the company doing the release. These factors can be handled through careful planning as well as a long-term strategy that is not only efficient but also actionable. The following are tips to keep in mind when releasing a software that is going to change the game. 

Do Not Get Too Excited And Release An Untested/Unfinished Product 

The one mistake that companies of all sizes do is release a product that might not be completely finished. Getting too excited and pushing up a release date without the proper testing is a recipe for disaster. Testing is imperative as there are so many things that can go wrong that might need to be fixed before the release. A software that crashes or freezes a device will not be used too many times if this happens consistently. Testers should not only be those working at the company as these users might not be in the target demographic. A software for an older demographic might have to be far simpler than if targeted at a tech savvy crowd. 

Understand Digital Marketing Is Imperative Regardless Of Quality Of Software

Digital marketing is going to be a huge part of creating a buzz about a software as well as make sure it is easily found on search engines. Ranking the software for its main uses in terms of keywords needs to be done with tact. If there is already comparable software on the market, take a look at their strategy in terms of creating backlinks to help close the gap. The ability of a company to showcase their knowledge on particular areas of technology or business will also help earn the trust of the average consumer. Using social media to answer questions on software features as well as demonstrations online can help all users tap into the true power of the software as a whole. 

Create The Software For All Major Operating Systems

The software needs to run on all major operating systems in order to maximize the reach the software has in terms of potential users. Using DevOps tools from Jfrog can help scale even the largest of software projects and can allow for sharing across a business. Different browsers should also be considered as there are still people using older browsers due to not liking change. There could be need for a variety of testers for software that incorporates different OS or browsers. Apps are very similar in this aspect as UX professionals often times have to carry up to 20 different phones depending on the application type.  

Feedback And Bugs Need To Be Dealt With Immediately 

There is going to be feedback from users and bugs reported that need to be dealt with immediately. Even the best software releases have not gone without some issues whether it is a layout or even something as simple as text on a certain color background. Users will not only see that their feedback is valuable but the team is consistently working to make the software as flawless as possible. Most users will understand there will be a time where there could be bugs but a pursuit to update the software will be noticed. Even some of the most successful software releases have needed updated versions to be released weeks or months later. 

Free Beta Versions For Those On The Company’s Email List 

Beta versions for those on the company’s email list can be quite helpful as this can be a perfect opportunity to do A/B testing. Testing from the target demographic can allow a company to make those final tweaks that otherwise would not have been done without this “soft” release. There are companies that could have thousands of users depending on the size of their email list. Building this list is going to be important as many of those receiving the beta test version could decide to opt for the paid version when released.

The world of software can be immensely profitable and can change the way business is done worldwide. Take the time to make sure that it is released in the appropriate fashion and other aspects like marketing are handled appropriately. Do not cut any corners as doing everything with the correct strategy can help a software user number skyrocket!


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