Huawei launched Huawei Y9s – then added Band 4 and Band 4e to the mix

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Huawei Y9s
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  • Posted: November 15, 2019 at 12:29 pm

There is this new Huawei mid range smartphone available in Kenya today. It is Huawei Y9s. Going by the price alone, Huawei Y9s seems to be the most premium of all mid range gadgets Huawei launched in the recent times.

Retailing at a price point slightly above shs 30K, Huawei Y9s has features that include a pop-up camera and a 6.59-inch FullView Display, a flagship-level quality in design, and superb internal specs. Bt the flagship level quality in design I mean the body if fully glass. Remember the days when flagships were metal? Leaving plastic for low end devices? Well, Samsung changed that by introducing glass on high end flagships, and today Huawei says that even a 30K smartphone can enjoy an all glass design.

The screen itself is a full 1080p display, but given the aspect ratio of 19.5:9, the vertical resolution goes up to 2340 instead of your usual 1920 pixels. The resolution vis a vis the 6.59 inches screen size means we are talking about density of 391 pixels per inch.

Starting from the camera, the Huawei Y9s is equipped with an AI Triple Camera setup, which comprises an ultra-clear 48MP Main Camera, an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. The 48MP Main Camera features a 6 Plastic (6P) lens with a large aperture of f/1.8, which effectively increases the quality and clarity of images. Users can take great photos with sharp details without the need for touch-ups.

Additionally, the 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera offers a 120-degree field-of-view for photo and video shooting, almost doubling the viewing angle of 78-degree that traditional lenses can offer. Whether shooting natural scenery, urban architecture or a group photo, a wider field of view gives you more opportunities to record your story. The 2MP Depth Camera helps with background blurring to create professional bokeh effects, making portraits more vibrant.

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And yes of course, the Huawei Y9s is running on Android, no need to fear here. It is the Android 9 (Android Pie), version 9.0. A little bit backward as Android Pie itself has reached version, but well, it is still Android. No need to fret much here as you should expect the phone to receive an upgrade to Android 10 (mmh maybe). My phone that is running on Android 7 was promised an upgrade to Android 8 but never saw the upgrade.

The Huawei Y9s is powered by the Kirin 710F chip, a high performance, low power consumption processor which ensures a fast and smooth user experience, effectively improving the battery life. Compared with the Kirin 659, Kirin 710F provides roughly 75% better single-core performance and around 68% improved multi-core performance in CPU. For GPU, it also doubles the power efficiency and delivers 1.3 times higher performance. Huawei Y9s also supports UFS2.1 Dual-channel Storage technology and Huawei’s Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) to bring better read and write performance and more efficient storage, releasing more space for the phone to run heavy-duty applications.

That’s the Band 4 I told you Huawei threw into the mix. Of course there is also the cheaper Band 4e. The purpose of these fitness trackers is to work like your smartwatch, and also track your fitness. They come equipped with heart rate monitors and sleeping tracker. Most importantly, they’ll show you quick notifications from your phone.

The Huawei Y9s is retailing for Kshs. 31,999 (I think this gimmick should stop. It is Kshs 32K – easy and simple) as the Huawei Band 4 retails for Kshs  4,699. If you want to save shs 1,500 then you can opt for the low cost version that goes for Kshs 3,199 – the Huawei Band 4e.

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