Unlimited Airtel Internet for shs 1K a month – Unbelievable

Unlimited Airtel Internet

I am a Faiba 4G fan. They have the best Internet in town. Imagine this; for shs 300, you get 8GB. That will last for one week. Then if you top up to shs 500 you get yourself a cool 15 GB. There are nice monthly offers too, starting from 25 GB for shs 1K. I have been enjoying, and laughing at those stuck with Safaricom. Then my phone’s charging system broke, and replacing the charging plate meant I had to forego strong network reception, and that’s how I no longer receive Faiba 4G signal in my house. Next option? My wife convinced me to try Airtel Internet.

Airtel Internet is something I have used before, but with a lot of frustration. I have actually been so frustrated with Airtel until I threw their line to the drain – not once but twice. So when she told me to give it one last chance I was hesitant.

On Saturday however I went to town and bought myself an Airtel number, registered, and topped up. I immediately subscribed to the Airtel Internet she told me will save me tons of money – the shs 250 weekly Airtel Unliminet Modem which gives you a paltry 1 GB to use.

My data usage rate is slightly above 1 GB per day, and that’s why the Faiba 4G Internet for shs 300 that comes with 8 GB works best for me. The Airtel 1 GB therefore means it will be wiped out before 24 hours elapses. If it were Safaricom Internet, it could be wiped out within the first 14 hours (tested and proven so yes, Safaricom short changes customers on data bundles), but for some reason, the 1 GB data on Airtel Internet is the best offer one can get in these streets.

The 1 GB Airtel Internet for shs 250 has a remarkable advantage – it is unliminet modem. Just like any other unliminet data bundles, the Airtel unliminet modem allows you to continue browsing even after the data bundles have been exhausted. By the time I was ditching my initial airtel lines, the prevailing high end data speeds were the 3G speeds. That meant that a customer with Unliminet data bundles could browse on 3G speeds, but he who had exhausted the data had his speeds reduced to 2G speeds, or max of 256 Kbps.

Times have now changed. In today’s Airtel world, the speeds when one has data bundles can go up to 21 Mbps upload and an average of 10 Mbps download. What that implies is that Airtel is not shy from proving 3G speeds to Airtel Unliminet modem subscribers, where on average the speeds can be above 500 Kbps.

500 Kbps sounds less in the world where everyone wants to experience 4G Internet; where some are looking forward to experiencing 5G Internet or are already experiencing it. But 500 Kbps has worked best for me since yesterday.

I have been able to browse almost instantly every time I want to access a site. My social media experience has not gotten any worse, and my video viewing experience has gotten much better.

You see with Faiba 4G Internet I had to limit my browsing to 360p videos so that the 8 GB data doesn’t run out very quickly. Secondly, I had to limit myself to watching no more than two hours worth of videos per day. Those two limits are now a thing of the past.

With Airtel Unliminet modem for shs 250 per week, although the data runs out within the first day, in the next six days I am still able to browse at speeds averaging 500 Kbps – speeds that allow me to watch full 1080p YouTube videos, and not for two hours, but for 24 hours if I want to – daily.

This year I made a resolution to watch high quality (in terms of content) informative videos on history, sciences, economy, politics, religious fallacies and a raft of other issues that people find intriguing. However, I have been unable to catch up with my demand of the content due to the limit Faiba 4G put on me. Now with Airtel Unliminet for a paltry shs 1K a month, I can hurry up and finish up my annual quarter of informative videos before the year comes to an end.

Now I can also subscribe to Netflix as I was shying away due to data demands.

Let’s go browsing.

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