Huawei P30 Lite New Edition has been launched in Kenya

Huawei P30 Lite New Edition

Huawei P30 Lite New Edition goes for Kshs 28,499. It packs a triple camera – 48 MP main camera supported with 8 MP ultra wide angle lens and a depth camera.

Inside the HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition, the AI mobile chipset Kirin 710 works in tandem with EMUI 9.0.1and 128GB of internal storage to deliver the best smart user experience to users.   

Speaking of the launch, Steven Li, Country President Huawei Mobile Kenya said, “Following the successful launch of the P30 series in the market about 6 months ago we are delighted to introduce to you another version in the same family with higher specs to meet the consumers’ needs. Combining an exquisite design with Huawei’s innovations, the latest HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition smartphone is equipped with three rear cameras with support for ultra-wide angle photography and artificial intelligence (AI) features. Making high quality photography accessible, it enables young photography enthusiasts to capture poster-quality images on a smartphone.”  

We would like to appreciate our key partners who have helped us push key volumes in the market, they include Jumia Kenya who have facilitated online purchase of our devices, Lipa Later who have facilitated purchase of our devices on credit for a period of one year as well as all key retail stores across the country who have been our partners since we came into the market 9 years ago. We have Bluetooth speaker gift hamper that will be given to the first 400 consumers who will be purchasing the devices across the retail stores.” He concluded. 

AI Triple Camera with Ultra-Wide Angle Support

Pioneering the increasingly popular triple camera setup, the HUAWEI P30 Lite New Edition Series has long been regarded as one of the best smartphone families for serious photographers. The HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition, as the latest entry to the illustrious line-up, is a stunning smartphone designed for young consumers that enjoy photography and sharing their work with friends and family. With three rear cameras supporting high resolution and ultra-wide angle photography, combined with Huawei’s powerful camera algorithms, the HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition lets users take studio-grade photos without using studio equipment. Because the resolution is so high, users can also use images captured on the HUAWEI P30 Lite New Edition Series to produce high quality poster prints. 

Every focal length has its own unique charms and advantages. A telephoto lens excels in retaining the details on objects, whereas the ultra-wide angle lens provides a greater perspective. However, to everyday users, traveling with multiple lenses is not realistic—so they often fall back to their handy smartphones for their camera needs. HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition’s triple-camera system covers the full zoom range, supporting various photographic effects. The ultra-wide lens plus the dual-camera module don’t just let users capture the world with crisp clarity, but its wide perspective lends itself to recording exciting moments in everyday life.

The 48MP high resolution camera uses a proprietary super sampling lossless zoom technology, allowing it to deliver zooming performance equivalent to a professional telephoto lens supporting 2x optical zoom. The inclusion of the ultra-wide angle lens for its 8MP camera makes HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition one of the first smartphones in the industry to support a 120-degree field of view—or double than that of regular smartphone lenses. It also helps users take in and capture more beauty than ever before—especially when shooting mountainous landscapes or city skylines. 

Exquisite Design and Innovative Manufacturing Techniques 

In line with other devices sharing the same brand, the New Edition continues this excellence in design, melding a trendy look with Huawei’s core technologies to deliver the inclusive, premium user experience that users have come to expect from devices of the HUAWEI P Series. Besides a rich suite of photography features, HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition also thoroughly exemplifies Huawei’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection, inside and out.

In this pursuit, Huawei adopted the most cutting-edge manufacturing processes on the HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition. HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition is available in three colorways: Midnight Black, Pearl White and Peacock Blue. These are an evolution of Huawei’s renowned gradient color, utilizing a glare film to accent the back of device with a hint of futuristic glamor. 

The full process includes two films. The first is painted with a gradient finish, upon which a laser-treated film is layered. The top layer has fine textures that reflect, refract and diffuse light, adding a mesmerizing sheen to the device, which is especially prominent under sunlight. 

Manufacturers have experimented a broad range of notch designs to maximize the screen-to-body ratio on devices. The device features a 6.15-inch Dewdrop display, which uses highly miniaturized dew-shaped notch to house its internals, allowing it to achieve a massive screen to body ratio of 84.1 percent. The screen panel naturally connects with the frame to form perfectly rounded and smooth edges.

The HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition is made for the international elites and professionals who love fashion. These users never cease to act boldly and creatively, and they are open to new things, constantly chasing the trends. In addition, the New Edition natively supports video ringtones—users may download clips from social media platforms or websites to use this feature. It also supports 480fps super-slow motion video capture that slows down motion by 16 times to highlight the intricacies of objects in motion. The GPU Turbo has been further upgraded to support more games, allowing HUAWEI P30 lite New Edition to deliver a better gaming performance across more titles.

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