Facebook goes after LinkedIn with Hire on Facebook Feature

Hire on Facebook

Facebook continues to push features aimed at making it a one stop shop for all online services. From being a purely social media platform to an e-commerce portal, Facebook recently unveiled options where the social media site can be used as a dating and a matchmaking site. Before Facebook users can use the platform to find love (and one night stands), the social media giant has gone ahead to introduce a feature that allows professionals to create job vacancies right within their Facebook Pages under the banner – Hire on Facebook.

The Hire on Facebook Feature provides a standard form for posting a Job Vacancy. The form allows you as a potential employer to formally advertise for a job vacancy in your Facebook Page, where through the form you can input the job title, job location (the location where your business is based as per your Facebook Page is given as the default location), salary range, job type (whether the job is full time, part time, internship, volunteer or contract), and some select pre-interview questions dubbed free-text question. The questions can be posed for Yes/No answers or for multichoice answers.

Once the form has been filled, you will post it on your Facebook Page same way you can post an event. Once posted, Facebook will show the post to a few selected interviews as determined by their algorithm, but if you want the vacancy to reach as many potential applicants as possible, you will need to part with some dollars.

Posting a Job on Facebook through the Create Job form isn’t just invaluable to the recruiter, but to the job applicant too. When an applicant sees the job being advertised and clicks on Apply, he/she will be provided by a form already prefilled with his/her details, and the only thing he/she will do is to add or adjust details as necessary for the job. The screenshot below shows an example of a form an applicant may feel for an Android Developer Job that’s currently being advertised by Mzazilink Labs, a Software Company based in Kericho.

The alternative to using Create Job form on Facebook is to use a normal update that many have used before now. This alternative may have a wider reach compared to the current official alternative, but it doesn’t appear professional. Based on the number of job postings I have seen on Facebook using the Hire on Facebook option, it is okay to conclude that Facebook is already giving LinkedIn its money.

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