SAP INNOVATION DAY: Intelligent Technologies Achieve Better WorkForce & Customer Outcome

Advances in machine learning are enabling algorithms to become highly accurate in natural language and understanding as well as image and speech recognition. Hitches like racially biased systems where for instance a tap fails to recognise black hands or a face recognition machine fails to recognise a black face have seen resistance in the past in adopting intelligent technologies especially for businesses.

As countries across the world continue to adopt AI technologies through companies like SAP, businesses are fast buying into intelligent technologies with the aim of automating business processes and eliminating repetitive tasks. In 2025, 60% of human tasks will be automated.

Automation done cost-effectively by a company is embedded more and more within business processes giving the workforce the ability to focus on high-value activities like customer success, strategic planning and innovation.

Enterprise Analytics

The power of IoT and its ability to connect the entire value chain from design to production to supply chain means that a business is able to monitor products right to the consumer.This allows data-driven insights by customers and in return, the business is able to inspire better design, lower material costs and reduce risk.

As technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and block-chain become mainstream, SAP is looking to further advance customers’ businesses into intelligent enterprises through softwares such as SAP HANA along with cloud applications.

Real-time analysis of machines can predict maintenance needs, identify potential quality problems in manufacturing processes before they occur, therefore reducing asset downtime by as much as 50%. By integrating advanced analytics capabilities into applications, business users are able to analyze data on the fly and this helps inform better decision making.

Empowered users benefiting from embedded analytics in business processes can get real-time visibility into their changing environment, stimulate the impact of business decisions and achieve better customer outcomes.


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