So what if we give our information to Russia through the FaceApp Challenge?

FaceApp Challenge

80 million people, myself included, are the minimum number of people who have submitted their photos to FaceApp for the FaceApp Challenge. FaceApp challenge is not anything complicated as other challenges tend to be, as it only requires you to submit a current photo of your face, then through the FaceApp upload the same photo on social media (mostly through Facebook) but after FaceApp has turned it into an old looking grandma, or grandpa, version of yourself. According to most of my friends on WhatsApp, their friends’ status updates turned out to be a competition of who looks better when they age.

In realizing that FaceApp Challenge is taking the Internet by storm, the Western media questioned the intention of the challenge, with a number of them reasoning that FaceApp is gathering information from users to violate their privacies; and I ask, “so what?” As Fredrick Ombako has aptly put in on his Facebook Status, “The western media is awash with warnings laced as news about the security vulnerabilities inherent in the now viral FaceApp. What I actually read is that the problem isn’t that the app now has access to the photos but that it is a Russian company getting such access. See, these American firms such as Alphabet (Google) and Facebook have access to our photos and we never read those scary stories we are reading from western media. They’ve normalized such access from American companies but demonize the same if Russian or Chinese. There’s nothing like privacy online. Once you go online you give up any privacy to your data, the T&Cs notwithstanding. Tuache kubebwa ufala. Let the Russians milk the moment and get their AI upgrades.

Then there is the attack on men who have participated in the FaceApp Challenge. A popular WhatsApp update has this to say about men have participated in the challenge:


FaceApp Challenge

There is a worse one:

FaceApp Challenge

My question to those who wage these kind of wars against the boy child, what is it about getting old that is feminine?

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