Huawei vs. America: Over Already?

With so many eyes on the raging feud between Huawei and America, many people are really following it for the spice in it. However, with so much criticism on the president of USA it is worth finding out what sort of a ban they had going back there. Moreover, the recent developments in the case are nothing short of surprising. Before we delve into the details of the recent development, we must know what really happened.

The Background of the Ban

Now the background of the ban that Trump placed on Huawei is rather tricky. Where many people believe that the ban started as a result of the paranoia that the USA had developed with regards to Huawei. This was the belief that Huawei was stealing information of its users and providing it to the Chinese governments. However, this paranoia seems rather hypocritical on part of the USA because it seems Google has had its allegations of information theft over the years too. However, the only thing that seems to validate the US claim is the fact that some other countries around the world have banned Huawei’s services too.

However, the real reason behind this ban seems to be the race for 5G. 5G represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in Information Technology and has the potential to completely change the realm of Information Technology. Now that the predictions have come out that China (Huawei) will win the race, US seeks to defame the business.

The tactic is as old as ever and can be easily understood with this simple example:

Say, for instance, you run a business for clothing called JJ’s House. Now, you have a reputation for making red homecoming dresses like no one else in the industry and are on the verge of a new design that will completely change the fashion industry as we know it. It is obvious that a competing business making homecoming dresses will see you as a threat and try to create a bad image of your business.

The Surprising Development

Following the ban, reports of the Chinese boycotting American goods and several reports of even destroying iPhones began to surface. The reports of how much business the US will lose also began to circulate. With pressures mounting on the American president to undo the ban and Huawei unwilling to claim defeat and even creating their own Operating System in comparison to Google’s Android, everyone had begun to expect that the ban will be over in some time. However, what nobody expected was that it would happen so soon.

By the end of June, reports began to come out of the President Trump looking at a potential lift of the ban. He said this in a comment while talking to the Media during the G20 summit in Japan. It seems that the Trump cabinet, when announcing the ban, had not thought things through and when things backfired, as they do when Trump makes the decision, Trump had to go back on his word.

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