How to make calls via Safaricom VoLTE Network

As promised, we tested the Safaricom VoLTE Network, and it is awesome. Without exaggeration, Safaricom VoLTE voice call sounds as if you are talking with the person in the same room. The high definition audio is realistic. The clarity of the voice is amazing, and you will hardly get disturbed by the background noise. There is no much writing that can actually explain just how good the voice call is, the only way you can appreciate it is to experience it yourself, and that’s why instead of writing an article detailing every minute of the experience we had, I have decided to instead write a guide on how to make calls via Safaricom VoLTE Network.

First things first

To make VoLTE calls on Safaricom (oh, for those unaware of what Safaricom VoLTE calls are, check out this article – and this other one), the first thing you need to have is a phone that supports not only Safaricom’s 4G Internet, but has the Band 28 (700 MHz). Safaricom has listed a few of the phones that support the VoLTE voice and video calls here, but some of the phones include:

  1. Huawei Mate 10 Lite
  2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  3. Huawei Mate 20
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Lite
  5. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  6. Huawei P20
  7. Huawei P20 Lite
  8. Huawei P20 Pro
  9. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd Mate 20
  10. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd Mate 20 lite
  11. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd Mate 20 Pro
  12. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd P20
  13. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd P20 lite
  14. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd P30 lite
  15. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd Y6 Prime 2019
  16. HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd Y7 Prime 2019
  17. Nokia 2.1
  18. Nokia 3.1
  19. Nokia 5.1
  20. Nokia 6.1
  21. Nokia 7.1
  22. Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus
  23. Samsung Galaxy A7 2018
  24. Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus
  25. Samsung Galaxy A9
  26. Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus
  27. Samsung Galaxy J6
  28. Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus
  29. Samsung Galaxy J8
  30. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  31. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LTE
  32. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  33. Samsung Galaxy S8
  34. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  35. Samsung Galaxy S9
  36. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  37. Samsung Korea Galaxy S10
  38. Samsung Korea Galaxy S10 Plus
  39. Samsung Korea Galaxy S9

There are even more phones as one of the two phones used to test the service is Tecno Camon 11 but it is not in the list. The other one is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. That is, before you dump your phone to get one of those in the list above, just check if your phone already supports the 700 MHz LTE network.

The second thing you must have is a Safaricom SIM card that is 4G enabled. If you got a Safaricom card in the last two years, then you probably have a Safaricom 4G enabled SIM card. After you have ticked that your phone supports the Safaricom VoLTE Network and that the SIM card is 4G enabled, it is time to go to the setup step.

How to Setup the Safaricom VoLTE Network to make the VoLTE voice and video calls

You should now be ready to make Safaricom VolTE voice and video calls, but just one more thing that you need to do. Check that your phone is set properly to make that phone call. To do this, if you are on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (should be the same process with any other Samsung device) go to:

  • Settings
  • Connections
  • Mobile Networks
  • VoLTE calls Sim 1 …ON

Those on other devices should be able to get similar settings under settings. For example enabling the Safaricom VoLTE Network on Tecno Camon 11 follows the steps below.

  • Settings
  • Network and Internet
  • Mobile Networks
  • Preferred Network Type
  • 4G Recommended.

Once set, you should be able to see the Safaricom Vo … LTE sign at the network bar as shown in the image below.


Safaricom VoLTE Network

When done and ready to make a phone call, open your dialer and choice either VoLTE voice or VoLTE video.

One more thing, you can only make a VoLTE phone call to some who also has enabled the VoLTE settings, otherwise you will be mteja.


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