Don’t get it wrong, Safaricom data prices have not reduced!

Safaricom data prices

A friend who knows that I do not use Safaricom Internet just called to tell me that I no longer have reasons to not use Safaricom Internet, as, according to him, Safaricom suddenly reduced its data prices by a whooping 42%. If this were true, then right now you’d be able to buy that 5GB data that costs shs 1000 for 580 (you can round it up to shs 600). After the call, I quickly went to my Safaricom line to see the new Safaricom data prices, only to realise that the data prices are as they have always been for a long while – Shs 1000 still gets you a meagre 5GB data. I say meagre because for shs 1000 I always buy 25 GB (yes you read that right – a whopping 5 times more data that you will ever get on Safaricom). So how did my friend get his misinformation?

Apparently, Daily Nation has just published an article titled Safaricom cuts Internet charges by 42 percent that is completely misleading – a typical clickbait headline. My friend, just like most Kenyans, did not bother to read through the article to realise that in there there are these words, “The Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed firm offers a wide array of internet service and billing plans but its effective price per Megabyte (MB) fell 42 percent in the year ended March, according to disclosures by Vodacom.”

What those words mean is that over the course of Safaricom’s 2018/2019 Financial Year which typically ends of 31st March of each year, Safaricom data prices were gradually reduced to settle at their current level, and some of these reductions include the crazy offers like the the 1GB data for shs 50 that lasts for only one hour – which ideally are meant to help no one. Even heavy users will hardly exhaust 1 GB in one hour. I for example use 800 MBs in a span of 24 hours.

Anyway Kenyans, develop the habit of reading articles – don’t always be in a hurry to read headlines.

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