Safaricom clarifies about the Safaricom System Glitch that affected their Twitter Accounts

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Safaricom System Glitch
  • 2 years ago
  • Posted: July 5, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Following our article published about an hour ago, an article that explained how the argument that Safaricom Social Media Representatives were the ones that were sending out personal tweets does not make sense, and how the Safaricom System Glitch explanation is far fetched, Safaricom reached to us to provide an insight on just how the Safaricom System Glitch happened.

According to our understanding prior to the explanation, The System Glitch explanation assumed that the system was composing and sending a series of tweets on its own, something that can only be possible if an AI system like Zuri takes over the Twitter accounts. Safaricom has however explained that this is close to what was actually what was happening, except for the part where we assumed that the system was composing original tweets. “What actually happened is that the system was going through @SafaricomPLC and @Safaricom_Care timelines, picking random tweets from Safaricom social media followers, and paste those tweets to retweet them under the Safaricom official Twitter Handles”, explained one of the Communication Managers working with Safaricom.

We have taken time to countercheck the explanation and found it to be true. For example one of the tweets sent as a reply to Dennis Itumbi as shown in the screenshot below has Safaricom reply to Kijana fupi nono Round that he said nothing but the truth.

Safaricom System Glitch

If Safaricom’s explanation is correct, you’d expect the same tweet on Twitter to be present, so all I needed to do is to search Twitter with the words “Kijana Fupi Nono Round is saying nothing but the truth!!!”, and as results would have it, the original tweet was done by a one . Her tweet is embedded below.

Safaricom went further to explain that the system glitch occured because their Twitter Accounts work on a technology they call the CMS, which got faulty hence was scanning the Accounts’ timelines for random tweets, copy pasting them, then tweeting them as if they are from Safaricom.

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