I just uninstalled my WhatsApp kumbe it was WhatsApp down

WhatsApp down

For a hour or so I have been unable to download images from WhatsApp, and I thought it is my phone that has an issue. Kachwanya even sent me a screenshot of possible problems that could be causing my inability to download images, given that I could easily upload and send images to others. It wasn’t just an issue of downloading images sent straight to my inbox, but even images set as status updates were not downloading. Two error messages have been prominent, with one telling me to ask the sender to resend the image, and another asking me to try again later. I even went ahead to uninstall WhatsApp but not before going through some online tutorials that purported to be helping people resolve the problem. After reinstalling the App, nothing changed. I gave up. Then a friend shared an article of WhatsApp Down.

WhatsApp Down is actually a trending topic on Twitter (at the moment of writing this), with the hashtag #whatsappdown. And it is not just WhatsApp that it is down, but Facebook and Instagram too are getting their share of frustrating social media users. According to news sources that have run with the story thus far, majority of those affected are people in the US and Europe but generally everyone that uses the platforms have been affected in one way or another. Facebook has users saying that they are having trouble logging in, accessing News Feed or viewing images. I personally cannot view my own images as just before writing this I needed to access an old profile picture from one of my Facebook accounts but the pictures could not load.

The good part of this is that just as when Kenyans check whether the neighbors too have lost power when their power goes off, my anxiety that probably my Internet or worse still my phone is the thing with the problem is now relieved. However, just as the social media user Brian said, “Dear Instagram PLEASE FIX YOUR APP. Your news feed is almost always down. Please do some major maintenance and fix all your problems!!! UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS TOO!!! – Yours truly one pissed off Instagrammer.”

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