Top 5 reasons why an organization should migrate their payroll to SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution

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  • 2 years ago
  • Posted: June 26, 2019 at 12:09 pm

Early this year the world renowned provider of accounting and human resource solutions, SAGE, launched a cloud based payroll system for African markets. Having tested the platform in South Africa for three months, SAGE rolled out the platform in Kenya where Kenyan businesses can now take advantage of the several top end features that have been automated in the SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution. These features offer organizations top 5 reasons to migrate from their standalone offline Payroll systems to the cloud based solution – and the 5 reasons are as summarized below:

1. Ease of use

One of the selling points of the SAGE Cloud Payroll is that there is no experience required by anyone in order to use – basically experience in the cloud system. This is because the solution has been done such that it is so simple to use, and not only that, the online customer support is prompt, fast and efficient, where if anyone gets into any difficulty then the SAGE team will come in handy and quickly to offer immediate support and guidance.

2. Compliance

One headache that eats the heads of Payroll Managers is to constantly update their payroll systems so that the system is compliant with new tax laws and regulations. This headache however has been sorted by the SAGE Cloud Payroll in that the SAGE team will be the ones on the lookout for changes in the law, and ensuring that the system is compliant with the law at all times. The Payroll Managers therefore only have to worry about correctly entering employee data.

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3. Accuracy

In managing Payrolls, Payroll Managers are prone to make a few mistakes that come from lack of automation or even general system failures. For example just today AZ Central has reported that Maricopa Community Colleges overpaid their employees by rates ranging from 64 cents to $728, with employees reporting that it wasn’t the first time they were being overpaid or underpaid in the last one year. To avoid such mistakes that have become more common, automated Payroll Systems will come in handy, more so systems that even allow employees themselves to enter their own data thus saving data entry clerks a lot of time and opportunities to make errors.

4. Flexibility

With the idea of working from home gaining more ground, employers of the future should adopt quick any system that allows their employees to work from virtually anywhere. Responses such as “payment cannot be processed at this time” probably because either the CEO, the HR, or any other person responsible for processing payments should be a thing of the past where most transactions and approvals can be carried online. What the heck, even joint accounts with Banks such as Equity Bank can today be operated without any of the signatories visiting the bank branch. With SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution, SMEs and Enterprises can have the flexibility to manage their payrolls from virtually anywhere, as long as they have Internet connection.

5. Secure Migration

Finally, when the above 4 points convinces you to migrate to the SAGE Cloud Payroll Solution, then you know it is time to migrate. SAGE Payroll not only offers you tools and means to easily migrate, with simple import tools in the system, but offers a very secure gateway for the transfer, thus there will be no need to worry about security.

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