How to Edit WhatsApp Status Updates – You can use the same process to steal someone’s updates

WhatsApp Status updates

If there is one big downside of Twitter is the inability to edit tweets. Tweeps have asked Twitter to include this ability, but over and again Twitter has shown them the middle finger. Personally I am not a fan of Twitter so I don’t give much of a hoot. My favorite social media platforms namely Facebook and LinkedIn allow me to not only edit timeline updates, but to also edit whatever I write in the comment sections of those updates. But it is not all rosy  for me, as my other favorite social media platform, WhatsApp, does not allow me to edit WhatsApp Status updates.

WhatsApp Status is a couple or more years old after it was implemented following the wide acceptance of status updates on Snapchat. The popularity has gone so viral forcing Facebook to implement it on Facebook and Instagram too. In Facebook, the Status updates are present in both the Facebook platform and its accompanying messaging app, the Facebook Messenger. These show you just how preferable Status Updates is for the many who use these social media platforms. I would like to believe that it is a matter of time before the status updates show up on twitter too.

The problem with the status updates, be they the WhatsAPP Status or any other status updates (I don’t know how status updates work in snapchat as I have never used that App), is that as opposed to Twitter, you cannot copy paste them once posted. For Twitter, it is fairly simple to edit a tweet. For example, once you notice that a tweet has grammatical, typo or autocorrect mistakes, or even a lose thought, what you need to do is to copy the tweet, delete the bad tweet, paste the copied tweet on a new Compose box, edit the tweet, then repost. This is not the case for WhatsApp or even Facebook as the two platforms don’t even offer you the opportunity to copy a posted text based status update.

For status updates on WhatsApp or Facebook or Messenger or Instagram, your best option for editing a bad update is utilizing the power of screenshots. This is how it is supposed to work, and I use WhatsApp status update to explain the process:

  1. Type in your WhatsApp Status update. Read it thoroughly before posting so that you avoid doing the subsequent steps.
  2. Post the update. Read it one more time to ensure that it is grammatically and linguistically sound. If you notice a mistake, go to step 3.
  3. Take a screenshot of the update, then immediately delete the update from WhatsApp so that your friends who haven’t viewed it don’t view it with those embarrassing mistakes.
  4. Open an image reading App. One such App is the Text Fairy. You can find it in Google Play Store.
  5. Import the screenshot to Text Fairy, and let Text Fairy read the text from the image for you. Using Text Fairy is fairly simple after installation. You’d only need to ensure that the entire text is selected by the blue border selection tool which you can drag in or out until the entire text is captured.
  6. After Text Fairy has read your text, it will allow you to either Share, Copy, or Convert to PDF. Choose Copy.
  7. Open WhatsApp, go back to updates, paste the text to the new Status update Editor, Edit the update in their, then repost.

As is expected, the process of editing a WhatsApp Status update is fairly complicated, but it is better than deleting a bad status update, then recomposing hoping that you’ll remember the exact words as previously written. Also, even if you were to remember every word that you had written in same exact order, the time you’d take to rewrite the entire update would be much more than following the above seven steps.


When writing a WhatsApp status update, or anything worth reading online, always remember to hit the spacebar after a punctuation mark. E.g. the update Hey people,i’m down with cold should be written as Hey people, I’m down with cold.

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