FedEx Under Fire For Refusing To Ship Huawei Device Over Trade War

Just in case you were thinking of sending your loved one in the diaspora a Huawei device, well you might want to opt for another brand to ship…This is after worldwide shipping enterprise FedEX retuned a Huawei P30 to sender.
Writers working for PC Magazine in the UK are seeking answers after they parceled a Huawei P30 phone to send to their counterparts in their U.S office in New York for review as it is they deal technology content, only for the parcel to be returned midway.

According to the shipping company, the device was returned because of “US government issue” with Huawei and the chinese government. The tracking information provided by parcelforce and FedEx shows that the device left London, flew to Indianapolis where it sat for five hours before being returned to London and back to the sender.

The Notice written in capital letters on the return parcel read “Parcel Returned by FedEx, Due U.S Government issue with Huawei and China Government” The trade war between China and the U.S spread across the market with the latest target being China made devices. After Google’s ban of license to FedEx’s recent move, it is clear U.S based organisations fear being caught in between the spite and more so being penalised.

With escalating diplomatic tension between China and U.S, President Trump recently declared a national emergency and passed an executive order to restrict companies in the U.S. from supplying products to Huawei. While the Chinese giant claimed to have a decent stockpile of hardware goods and seemingly felt at ease even with these restrictions in place, a recent disclosure from Google puts Huawei’s prominence in the market at stake.


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