Pokemon To Turn Your Sleep Into Entertainment In New Game- Pokemon Sleep

The Pokemon Company has announced the launch of a new cloud service that will turn your sleep into entertainment. Pokemon sleep, soon to be launched will see your sleep impact gameplay in what the company says will give players a reason to look forward to waking up in the morning.

 Pokemon, the Japanese franchise’s reputation was marred after Pokemon Go released in July 2016 caused accidents and even deaths, across continents forcing authorities in various countries to ban the game. The game based on the mobile device GPS to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures, called Pokemon which appear in the players real world would force players to walk around hunting down these creatures and would sometimes see them ram into buildings, get into car accidents and even cause injuries on fellow citizens going about their business.

The company has taken a turn and this time, players will play in their sleep. Partnering with Niantic’s Nintendo, the company will incorporate a new sleep-tracking device called the Pokemon Go Plus that will connect to the game and will help receive gameplay updates designed around sleep and rest. Pokemon Sleep will use data points like how long the user slept and when they awoke, to change gameplay.

The game to be released in 2020 will run on iOS , Android and Switch under a cloud service called Pokemon home. The service will allow the user to gather all of their captured monsters from other games in one place. The company has not given in-depth information on the game, the release is slated for early 2020.


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