Digital Zebra Crossing To Reduce Accidents In Nairobi’s Central Business District

Anyone who has been in the Central Business District shares one thing in common, the pressure and chaos that comes with crossing roads and seamlessly maneuvering across streets without loud hoots and stretches from fast moving cars and motorbikes trying not to knock down pedestrians.

Nairobians can now sigh with relief following the introduction of digital zebra crossings meant to reduce accidents and control movement of both the motorists and pedestrians. Even with already designated crossing points, pedestrian deaths have been on the rise since most motorists disregard the already existing zebra crossings.

City hall has installed eight digital zebra crossings across streets to provide safe places for pedestrians to use as they go about their business in the CBD. According to the county’s Minister for Roads and Infrastructure Hitan Majevda, the move is currently a pilot project that will eventually see all the major avenues installed with the system.

The system will work in coordination with traffic lights on a press of a button. Pedestrians will press the button and wait until given the green light for them to cross, while the red light will signal motorists to stop until the pedestrians cross the road. In a case where motorists or cyclists defy the rule, they will be arrested and penalized by county authorities.


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