Huduma Namba is definitely not 666

Huduma Namba

Whether Huduma Namba is a conduit for corruption is not clear, what’s clear is that it is an outright wastage of public resources. The other thing that’s clear is that the number has nothing to do with 666, and those fronting the idea are simply suffering from a condition known as apophenia. Before I address why Huduma Namba has nothing to do with 666, let me first explain why this outrageous number will not in anyway improve the efficiency of service delivery.

Huduma Namba – An outright wastage of public resources

On service delivery, Government officials and politicians have fronted Huduma Namba as a number that will help the government and its several institutions streamline service delivery, get rid of ghost works, and coalesce all government services under one identity. Sounds cool, but completely unnecessary. Today for example, even before I acquire Huduma Namba, I can get served efficiently by NHIF after I have handed them my ID number. Actually when my wife delivered our baby boy in November 2012, she had lost her NHIF card. To process her NHIF for paying the hospital bill, I only gave the hospital her ID number, and within minutes all the bills were settled except for Kshs 30 that I had to pay in cash, an amount of money they said took care of printing and photocopy of documents. Even after that delivery, my wife continued paying for NHIF using her ID number, and to date she hasn’t bothered to get another NHIF card or number. The same story applies to all government services, as there is no government service that can be acquired without one presenting his or her National ID card.

The speed at which the government services are delivered cannot also be faster simply because one has Huduma Namba. This is because Huduma Namba will not increase the speed at which computers work, nor will it magically empower clerks and other government employees to work faster and more efficient. The argument that the number will bring all personal data under one umbrella is nonsensical because the National ID has already done this, and the eCitizen portal can testify. The only reasonable arguments against the use of National ID as the umbrella number for government services is that Huduma Namba is acquiring more details, and that even kids six years and old who do not have National IDs are being registered, but these are again nonsensical because of the following reasons:

Foremost, and this is according to everyone who has registered to Huduma Namba so far, there is actually no important information being captured by Huduma Namba forms that’s different from the information already captured by the National ID. Secondly, the issue that Huduma Namba is registering even children aged six years and above who do not have the National ID is silly, because the children already have birth certificates which clearly indicate who their parents are, parents who have National IDs. There is also no need to issue a six year old kid with a special identification number when they already have a special number in the birth certificate and will acquire yet another number when they turn 18.

The only reason I have heard that may have some remote sense is that the number will help the government track all commercial transactions, and be able to link those transactions not only to the person transacting them, but even to his/her family members through whom fishy transactions can be hidden. For example, a government official may loot public funds to buy land or property, but registers the said property under a spouses name. With Huduma Namba, the saying goes, the government will be able to trace the loot right to the doorsteps of the spouse the loot finally landed. But I still do not see how this is impossible under the current National ID, marriages, births and deaths, and related databases.

Huduma Namba and 666

Huduma Namba is not 666 just as The Papacy neither the Javier Solana got anything to do with 666 . People seeing the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church has an institution that has everything to do with the Beast of Revelation 13, 17 and 18, and those others seeing the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and subsequently the formation of European Union hence Javier Solana as the correct fulfillment of the book of Daniel and Revelation are nothing but a people who contrive to create patterns where they don’t exist, a people who haven’t learned that even those who preceded them, associated the world and religious powers of their time as the fulfillment of the biblical prophesies. Interestingly also, for example in the case of Revelation, those who were addressed by the letter (members of the seven churches), understood the book to be relating to their immediate spiritual, political and commercial environment, given that by that time a number of them were unable to buy or sell unless they had special marks, or carried coins with marks from local authorities.

Wikipedia explains: “A common preterist view of the Mark of the beast (focusing on the past) is the stamped image of the emperor’s head on every coin of the Roman Empire: the stamp on the hand or in the mind of all, without which no one could buy or sell. New Testament scholar Craig C. Hill noted, “It is far more probable that the mark symbolizes the all-embracing economic power of Rome, whose very coinage bore the emperor’s image and conveyed his claims to divinity (e.g., by including the sun’s rays in the ruler’s portrait). It had become increasingly difficult for Christians to function in a world in which public life, including the economic life of the trade guilds, required participation in idolatry.” Adela Yarbro Collins further denotes that the refusal to use Roman coins resulted in the condition where “no man might buy or sell” (Rev. 13:17).

The Biblical Prophetic books were not prophecies at all, but writings of the then current events written in a prophetic language, at times carrying future predictions that largely failed. This writing style was predominantly common among the Egyptians, The Romans, The Greeks and later the Christians between the years 300 BC and 100 AD. For example the book of Daniel was a collection of at least two books written at around 168 BC by a man who was writing about the events leading to Antiochus IV defiling the Jerusalem Temple. Since he got most of the events right but got the death of Antiochus IV wrong, it is easy to see how he was writing during the reign of Antiochus IV but before his death. Antiochus IV died in 164 BC.

Lastly, if I were to travel to the year 3000 AD (either through a God given vision or through a time travel technology), and see the political and religious environments of that time, then come back to the year 2019 to write a prophetic book warning those who’d be living in the year 3000 AD, I would for sure write it in a language that those I intend to warn will relate to, and not in the terms that can be understood only by those living in 2019. What I am trying to say is that the books of Daniel and Revelation were best understood by those they were addressed to in the years they were written but are totally out of touch in today’s political and religious setups, and that’s why we have hundreds of differing interpretations as to the message God meant for those of us “living in the end times”.

By the way we could just be living in the end times thanks to the ever skyrocketing global warming.

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