Seven Celebs with Surprisingly Bad Credit

Sometimes it helps to know that celebs are just like us. Even the people who have the most money in the world can suffer with bad credit. Here are seven famous faces that have surprisingly bad credit, and the results may shock you.

Donald Trump

That’s right, the good old President of the United States has bad credit. Not surprising when you look back at his business career – you can’t win everything right? Trump has done his pretty fair share of losing though. Not only has he filed for bankruptcy twice, but he has also failed on plenty of projects included Trump Steaks and Trump University. Who would even study there anyway?

Mike Tyson

Mr. Tyson is known for his erratic behavior and crazy spending, even purchasing the odd pet tiger. Tyson was at one point in debt of up to $13.3 million. In 2003, the man himself, alongside his company filed for bankruptcy. At least he still has his face tattoos and his tigers.

Stan Lee

One of the most heavily celebrated men in the superhero movie universe racked up a lot of debt over the years he was alive. This legend filed for bankruptcy after putting a lot of his cash into comic books based over the Internet. When the idea didn’t take off, he was left in a lot of debt.

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen, not to be mixed up with Alec, his brother, unfortunately did not make enough to live up to his new lavish lifestyle. Stephen starred in many reality TV shows but ended up declaring bankruptcy and even lost his home. If you’re struggling with your finances, finding a monthly installment payday loans service that accepts you despite your credit rating is essential for those sudden emergencies.

Bill Buckner

For those who love Major League, this may come as a shocker. Bill Buckner is known for his bad luck, especially in the 1986 World Series in which he cost his team the game. After his failing, he opened a car dealership in Idaho. Unfortunately for Buckner, this did not work out either and he was forced into bankruptcy just a few years later.

Sheryl Swoopes

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has some amazing players, including the famous Sheryl Swoopes. While a dab hand with basketballs, Swoopes still has a thing or two to learn about money. Earning a considerable amount from her career didn’t stop her from overspending and she had to liquidate many of her assets, including uniforms, medals and even her trophies!


Sinbad, known to some as David Adkins, is a stand-up comedian based in the U.S. Although Sinbad was good at cracking jokes, he wasn’t so good at keeping up with his taxes and this led to a lot of trouble for him. He ended up with a whopping $2.5 million tax bill which he had avoided paying to California. A lien was then filed against him by the state and Sinbad had to declare bankruptcy. This was one situation he couldn’t joke his way out of.

Some people just have more money than sense, such as these seven celebs.

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