Twitter Boss Says Follows And Likes Are A Recipe Of Abuse On The Platform

If I was to create Twitter again, I would not emphasize on follows, neither would I include the like button on tweets, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has said. The co-founder of the social media platform has also pointed out that Twitter is being misconstrued for what it should be.

Speaking at TED, the 42-year-old said that the social media platform was meant to unite people around topics and communities but instead, it has turned out to be a channel for people “to post outrage”. “It may be best if it becomes an interest-based network,” said a firm Dorsey.

Dorsey agrees a lot needs to be done with regards to the platform in order to curb the amount of abuse and misinformation and there is a likely hood the platform might demote likes and follows. This is after he admitted the amount of abuse was happening at scale and that this could result in a “huge shift” to rectify that.

According to the Twitter boss, likes and follows translate to prominence on the social media platform and the dynamics of it have made it easy to harass others as well as pass false information. Dorsey who snubbed the question on bots operating on twitter said the company is in the middle of measuring conversational health using a number of metrics.

For the platform, learning something while interacting is key. “On Twitter right now you don’t necessarily walk away feeling you learned something,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder


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