Romantic Surprises To Make Your Partner Fall For You All Over Again

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  • Posted: April 3, 2019 at 11:32 am

Being in love is the best feeling but then surprises are sweet too. A huge relationship misconception is that buying expensive gifts is the only credible way of showing that you love your partner. Small little gestures which are often free of cost, go a long way in making your bond stronger and your love more pristine.

While money does help when making arrangements for a party but small surprises can make the same impact if you put your heart into it. It shows that you care and that your partner is worth that extra bit of effort in terms of planning the surprise.

A good morning text to go with an “I love you” or a romantic emoticon is something which you can never go wrong with. But there are other things which you can do to throw in a sweet little surprise. As the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words’, you can as well show what you want to say. Here are some ideas which will not only excite the love of your life but will also be easy on your wallet:

  • A paper trail: Leave a paper trail for her that leads to a cuddly surprise such as a teddy bear or an endearing treat like her favourite ice cream. It will warm her heart in no time.
  • Change her alarm text: People have a fixed routine these days and usually set alarms on their phones to make sure they don’t forget anything or are not late for a crucial meeting. Your partner surely will also be in the habit of setting alarms. You can change her alarm text to something adorable, maybe a romantic personal message. That will surely be quite unexpected.
  • Serve her a delicious breakfast in bed: Greeting her in bed with her favourite breakfast will not only be a pleasant surprise but will also be a great way of starting the day on a happy and romantic note.
  • Prepare her bath: You can start her day with a surprise by creating a romantic ambience before she takes a bath or shower by decorating the bath with flowers, aroma oils and aromatic bath salts. It will for sure hearten her and make her mood. There is also an added bonus for you; you might be invited to join.
  • Make her photo as your phone’s wallpaper: It seems like a very little thing but if you make her photo as your wallpaper, it will not only be a very sweet gesture but will be symbolic of the special place she holds in your heart.
  • Paint her nails: You may think, painting her nails won’t be any special gesture but it is on the contrary, very adorable. It is a small gesture but is a symbolic one that expresses that you value her little joys.
  • Go for a picnic: Time and again, getting out of the chaotic locales of the urban life and spending time with each other in more serene surroundings will be a great way of reconnecting with each other. It will make your bond stronger.
  • A romantic dinner: Restaurant is not the only place where you can have a romantic dinner. Treat her to a homemade dinner cooked by you. It is every bit romantic and she will love it as it shows that you are ready to go the extra mile to impress her. It will make her feel loved and will be a wonderful surprise.
  • Write a love letter: The old school style never lost its vintage and romantic charm. A handwritten love letter engulfed in an enchanting perfume, will surely please her and make her heart skip a beat.
  • Get her a customised cake: If you are celebrating her special day, be it her birthday, your anniversary, a promotion at work or any such occasion, you can go a step further and get a custom cake based on a theme of your choice. Things which she likes, can be a great idea for a cake theme. You can also order cake online in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and other popular cities from any reputed cake portals which also provide you with full customisation and express delivery options.
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