Why ‘Florida Man’ Is Trending Across Social Media Platforms

The internets are going crazy with ‘Florida man’ with online challenges being thrown across the platforms under ‘Florida man’. The twitter feed that has spilt over to Google, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr is trending internationally once again. ‘Florida man’ was popularized in 2013 and now it remains an internet sensation even to social media users who are not citizens of the United States.

Florida man is interpreted as the name of the same individual in multiple unrelated news articles, rather than a description of various actual people who hail or live in Florida. The trend is characterized by links to news stories and articles about mind-blowing and absurd crimes and events, giving Florida uncalled for but huge attention.

For example, a challenge on Google suggests that you search ‘Florida man’ followed by your birthday and see crazy crimes committed in Florida under title headlines from news sources that begin with Florida man. Some even go further to relate their Zodiacs to the ‘Florida man’ they are by searching their Zodiac sign followed by Florida man. So, which Florida man are you?


























The rise of the sensation Florida man is said to have been aided by freedom of information laws in Florida that makes it easier for journalists to obtain information about arrests from police than in other states.




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